29 November 2006

at war

with three things:

1. ava's room: where does all the mess come from? WHERE?

2. my keys: do I really have so much going on in my head that I can't remember to take them out of the door before I go inside? how long until I start wearing them around my neck like an idiot?

3. my tights: people, I will win this battle. I have to believe that I will. intellectually, I know that I am bigger, stronger and smarter than my tights. however, I'm not beyond yanking them up to my chin in front of a room full of people. just to make a point. just to show them who's boss. I have no problem yelling at said tights out in public. I do what I have to do. we can't go on like this forever. I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE.

that is all for today.


  1. Girl, your tights might be too big! I used to have that problem too...but I just bought a smaller size and it stopped! You CAN beat this thing!

  2. if you find out the where/how the messy kid room phenomenon starts and more importantly ends Please Share...
    the tights-pull-up-shimmy is one of my best moves!

  3. thanks for the giggle this morning...and the great visual with you at war with your tights!

  4. tights are a force to be reckoned with. it's hard enough for me to put them on, much less someone small.

  5. i do the same thing with my keys...i always hate it when i'm trying to find them the next morning in order to get to work and there they are still in the door...and they've been there all night long...

  6. woman you are KILLing me! i'm not even married and have no kidlings sucking my mind juice and i have left my keys in the door on more than one occasion...so you're all good. and the tights...they must me doing that saggin crotch dance? or is it the Shar-Pei wrinkled leg look? either is frusterating to the nth degree to be sure. thanks for the laughter i needed some levity today. oh my!

  7. I'm intrigued ... I thought Americans said "pantyhose" and we British said "tights", now one of my favourite blogging Americans calls them tights too and I'm all confused!

  8. You know how I am with my keys.... paranoid to death that I will lose them.... now that was a funny blog!

  9. are they tights? or leggings? or pantyhose?
    (you need to clarify for the UK folk! !! hah ha)

    Ok, but seriously, i thought it was just because i was so TALL that mine did that!!! Is it a universal battle??!?!

  10. glad to to have given y'all a giggle. and one lovely visual of me yanking at my tights. haha. also, nice to know I'm not alone. with the messy kid room thing, the losing keys thing, the crazy tights battle. helps to know I'm not alone, hahaha.

    amy-- hey, you might be onto something. although I can't imagine squeezing into anything smaller... worth a try, though. by golly, with your help I JUST MIGHT BEAT THIS THING. by the way, I LOOOOOVE your tees. lovely to see you here.

    jennifer-- it's the saggin crotch thing. normally I like my jenas and skirts to sit low on my hip but I like my tights pulled high up to my waist. I feel secure like that and anything less makes me crazy. hence the battle, the constant yanking.

    doow-- tights are what we refer to as the cotton opaque variety (mostly worn during the winter months). pantyhose are more sheer, worn with dressy dresses. I think. I haven't worn pantyhose in forever! interesting, though-- didn't know that about my uk sisters. and honored to be one of your favorite bloggers. :)

    dad-- I don't know how you could ever EVER lose your keys... aren't there like, 100 of them? something I always remember from my childhood-- you carrying around that enormous wad of keys!

    heatherrabbit-- hello, good to see you here! and yes, it IS a universal battle. :)

  11. i have done both the key and tights thing lately... what IS up w/ that??