29 February 2012

like candy














today: shots and outtakes from the vintage camera piece I did for issue 12 of uppercase magazine. I'm telling you right now, I did not know how many cameras I actually had until I pulled them all from their hiding places for this piece. I did not know. but now I do.

28 February 2012

peeky peek

I've got a little something on vintage camera collections in issue 12 of uppercase magazine, friends. in addition to my regular covet column, which just happens to be about world globes this go round. globes and cameras, cameras and globes. these are a few of my favorite things. these are collections that have taken over my house. but fifteen plus years of globe-collecting and camera-collecting and what did I expect? there are worse things. back later on with real shots and outtakes from the vintage camera piece. because, you know, the above shot was taken with an iphone. the irony in that is not lost on me.

p.s. uppercase magazine can now be found at anthropologie, both online and in store. pretty cool, huh.

21 February 2012

this time last week






(favorite valentine from ward, ever)



and all the paper heart garlands are still up. probably will be for a while. I have been known to let holiday decorations ride for months on end, until I am forced by societal conventions to take them down. the fact that christmas came down before the end of january is nothing short of miraculous. though there are still white paper snowflakes taped to the windows. those will stay up until the very last day of winter. I will not budge on that one.

in other news, ava received her first valentine from a boy, her first heart-shaped box of chocolates. I know, I know. I KNOW.

20 February 2012



I'm a couple different places today, I am anywhere but here. over at poppytalk with a look inside one of my portland faves, tender loving empire then I'm over at shutter sisters with the good words of imogen cunningham and what I love most about photography.

hop on over if, you like. and happy monday, friends.

17 February 2012

dance dance dance

for your friday-- a little excerpt from last night's screening of girl walk//all day at the ace. not sure what I loved more-- the way all that sweet movement bounced off the architecture and everyday action of the city or the wide-eyed way ava took the whole thing in. my dancer self wanted to cry. bonafide dance party, y'all. good times one thousand, anyway you slice it.

p.s. I think ava sort of fell in love with the creep. I think maybe I did too.

14 February 2012

pink and red

attic bedroomsstep three
saturday afternoon

and cotton candy too
ezra still says valentimes
because today is a day for pink and red. happy valentines day, kids.

13 February 2012

off switch


completely honored to have a photograph of mine featured on the cover of a rad new magazine called off switch. I've got a little more inside too. peruse the issue online or order a copy to hold in your hot little hands. good stuff, kids.

(hats off and many thanks to katie, the creative force behind said rad new magazine)

10 February 2012

photobooth friday

photobooth friday
cousins, cupcakes and photobooth strips on the last day of the year. which there was talk of earlier but now there's proof. proof that these are things that go together. that this is, indeed, a spectacular way to end a year.

walked away with: a total of five strips (every combination in the booth possible, trust me) and a strange new affinity for coca cola-flavored cupcakes

p.s. should you find yourself in atlanta anytime soon, a trip to west egg cafe may be in order.

p.p.s. ava and ezra belong to us (duh) but those other cuties belong to my brother and my sister-in-law. man, we miss those guys. we miss those guys so much.

08 February 2012

holy wow

holy wow

testing testing

so I was fortunate enough to snag a test pack of the impossible project's newest version of the PX70 color shade film and wow. holy wow. the colors are so good I could cry. or maybe that's just the virus talking. fyi, I have been struck down like a dog in the night with a wretched virus. am sicker than sick but when sunlight filled the house on monday, I crawled out of bed just long enough to fire off a couple of test shots. and look, just look at that light. look at that color.

it's getting better and better, the impossible project film. better and better all the time.

06 February 2012

it's out

it's out

the sun, it's out. in great abundance, actually and I sort of don't know what to do with myself. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying, it's out. and it keeps coming out, again and again, everyday. what I really want to do is grab a little of it, stuff it in a jar and save it for later.

04 February 2012

03 February 2012

the end

22. my shoes.
day twenty-two: my shoes (and socks)

23. something old
day twenty-three: something old (candies from our 1999 trip to italy, stored in the freezer because I cannot, will not throw them away)

24. guilty pleasure
day twenty-four: guilty pleasure (fizzy fruity sugary drinks)

25. something I made
day twenty-five: something I made (with my most favorite scraps of paper)

26. color
day twenty-six: color (and a little more of that downtown mural project I love)

27. lunch
day twenty-seven: lunch (dollar taco and a bottle of strawberry jarritos from the downtown food carts because the sun was out)

28. light
day twenty-eight: light (dining room, late afternoon)

29. inside my fridge
day twenty-nine: in my fridge (I cannot keep up with the amount of clementines this family is consuming)

30. nature
day thirty: nature (on the way to school in the morning)

31. me, again
day thirty-one: me, again (in the bathroom with the little chalk fishies and the paint-by-number palm trees and the good light and the crazy bun)

this hereby concludes january photo a day (a little instagram photo challenge). week four (plus a few days) and a right good diversion from the january blahs, if you ask me.