30 September 2009

wednesday: orange

when I was little, my favorite color was orange. I loved the way the word 'orange' sounded. I used to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and pronounce the word over and over. orange. orange. orange. I loved the way my lips seemed to squeeze the word out, how the weight of it seemed to rest solidly in the space between me and my reflection. somehow it felt like a declaration. a declaration of love. orange, I still love you.

for poppytalk's autumn color week)

29 September 2009

28 September 2009

monday: yellow

for poppytalk's autumn color week:

monday: yellow
tuesday: green
wednesday: orange
thursday: brown
friday: red

oh hello

I'm like, 13 years old all over again. coming home from camp with a hundred run-on sentences about everyone I saw, everyone I fell in love with, every little thing I did. and then, on the way home from teaching at squam, I spent two days in new york city with my brothers. words and pictures are just beneath the surface. just waiting for my head to stop with all the spinning.

in unrelated news, I'll totally be playing along with poppytalk's week of autumn color. because a week of color? yes please.

to sum up, this space should be a mess of activity over the next several days. it's feast or famine with me, people. feast or famine.

09 September 2009

the art of boombastic

maker of the video: nate, my brother and the same one I collaborated with back in february

maker of the beats: also nate

people in the video: deepspace5, a hip hop collective my brother is a part of

you might also recognize: dan the listener

shot with: a super 8 film camera scored off ebay, same one he used to shoot the video will not be sold

marginally relevant detail: the end of the video is not the end of the video but the beginning of another and I promise I'm not talking in metaphors. it's something that hasn't been edited out yet but I couldn't wait any longer to post this (not one second longer) so consider this version the uncut one.

how I feel every time I watch this: incredibly extremely ridiculously proud

p.s. I knew that orange labeler would come in handy. I knew it.

07 September 2009

sometimes the truth hurts

dear summer,

I said some pretty nice things about fall over at this joy+ride recently. but only because I really like sheri and shari and they asked so nicely. you are still my favorite season. the best season ever (in my opinion) and I will love you forever.

though I will admit to having feelings for fall. it's not anything serious but I thought you should know.

p.s. I am really really going to miss you.

04 September 2009

magic fifteen

no room service this year. no mysterious fevers either. just a quiet dinner and a little photobooth action afterwards. thus, our 15th wedding anniversary has been properly celebrated. for this, I am thankful.

02 September 2009

finally, illinois

(this is my grandma)

from atlanta, we hitched a ride to the state where I was born, where I spent the greater part of my childhood. Illinois, where spectacularly flat land stretches out before you for days on end. this is where my parents live, the two greatest people in the world. this is also where the thrifting is so good you sort of want to cry.

a list of polaroids I did not take but wish that I had:

miles and miles of cornfields
olga and her house of stuff
the giant ice cream cone just off highway 55
my mom's sweet collection of white antique pitchers
my dad and the way he magically spins the basketball on one finger
lightning bugs, lightning bugs, lightning bugs

next time for sure.