28 July 2011

wigwam redux

best time ever



slides and cicadas

gift shop loot

sleep we did

it was just about this time last year we found ourselves in cave city, kentucky at the wigwam village inn. right smack dab in the middle of an epic southeastern/midwestern road trip. I'll tell you, these are the kind of road trips I live for, these are the ones I hope ava and ezra talk about someday. hopefully, with something akin to fondness. my own childhood family road trip stories are nothing short of legendary-- long sweaty hours spent in the brownest station wagon, florida and all matters of the atlantic ocean in our sights. packed to the gills with a motley assortment of items-- mismatched luggage, boxes and bags of groceries, neon inner tubes. and probably a small toaster oven. I will never forget the look on the bellboy's face at one fort lauderdale hotel as we loaded up our luggage cart. horrified would be the word I would use to describe it. but we didn't care. all we could see was a turquoise ocean, a pretty high rise hotel and nothing but an entire week of vacation laid out before us.

we tell the stories over and over again, me and my brothers. we love to tell the corrona family vacation stories. I hope ava and ezra will tell stories someday. of road trips and adventures and mishaps and magic things. of wigwam inns and dairy queens and souvenir shops. I'd like to think that they will.

25 July 2011

in the middle of it

this summer

so last year there was a list and this year there's a list and surely there will always be a summer list. always, for the rest of our days. forever and ever amen. I'll tell you, I've never seen a thrift store chalkboard work so hard. this is because we see it every time we walk in or out the front door and we are always reminded. if there's too much wii action or too much television or too much woefulness regarding varying states of boredom, the chalkboard list is there, happy to serve. in fact, it's so happy it practically sings out the listed items. I swear I hear it singing.

we have a long way to go but summer is not over yet. not by a long shot.

18 July 2011

day five


so 'roid week wrapped up on friday and it was one for the books, folks. and today I'm over at words to shoot by where the word (appropriately enough) is instant.

12 July 2011

day one



roid week! it's 'roid week. am endlessly happy about this. am shifting into photoblog mode for the next five days.

11 July 2011

instant magic

instant magic

excited to announce I'll be teaching a one-day instant photography workshop at the lovely teahouse studios in berkeley on saturday, september 17th!

I'll tell you, I receive more emails about my polaroid work--- how did I get started? what polaroid cameras do I shoot with? what cameras do I recommend and where can they be found? how much will they cost? what film do I use? what do I look for when I'm shooting? how do I get the colors? I cannot tell you how fun it's been to develop a workshop that covers all these questions (and more). this is the workshop I desperately needed when I first started out, the one I went looking for and could not find. I know from experience just how overwhelming the realm of instant photography can be. feels like there are a hundred different types of cameras and films to experiment with-- each with their own advantages, their own quirks. so I took all my experience, my trials and errors, all my research and experimentation to create one big hands-on super fun instant photography workshop. busting at the seams with instant photography love, friends. and that's the truth.

so if you'd like to spend an afternoon shooting with a gaggle of polaroid cameras in a gorgeous light-filled studio, get thee to my workshop. we'll be playing with a wide variety of cameras, shooting with both integral and peel apart film and naturally, we'll take to the streets of berkeley for the most awesome photo walk ever.

(a look at my first instant photography workshop can be found here and more information on the upcoming workshop can be found here. space is limited so if you're interested, get your registration on. oh, and if you need further incentive, the lovely susannah conway will be teaching the same weekend! on sunday! sign up for both workshops for the ultimate photography weekend)

10 July 2011

someone turned seven


we are still recovering

well, seven about a month ago. we are actually still recovering from the big party so I consider this posting a personal triumph.

08 July 2011

how to poetry bomb a thrift store

via booooooom/via my sweet friend amy, who instinctively knew I would fall head over heels in love with agustina woodgate and her brilliant idea to secretly sew poems inside thrift store clothing. there are so many ways to put art and goodness out into the world, so many ways. thank you, amy. I love this. I really really do.

01 July 2011








last day of summer colors week and I don't know about you but I think maybe I really needed this. am now sufficiently steeped in brilliant summer color. thank you, poppytalk.

p.s. it will be a sad day when ava outgrows that red and white polka dot swimsuit. it will be a sad sad day.