21 March 2016

march's sixty seconds

well, more like 139 seconds. march in 139 seconds and it's warm enough to ride the bikes now and the trees are exploding with blooms and little green leaves and the sun hangs around a little longer and finally, I can see light at the end of the tunnel, the wonderful, proverbial light.

more march films over at the sixty second photograph, friends. I sat myself down this morning, fell into each one of those little films before I put on monday's armor.

16 March 2016

color//colour orange

in the name of the color orange, I:

ate a lot of oranges. no really, I did.
asked ezra if he'd make me an orange paper crane. (he did).
picked the orange crayon when given the choice, which was exactly once.
positioned myself perfectly over the orange paint on the sidewalk.
wished for a bundle of orange ranunculus. you guys, I can't ever find orange ranunculus anymore.
dreamt of sunsets over oceans captured with iphones whilst driving over bridges.
drank one bottle of orange fanta soda, wished for more.
because I have a problem with the fruity sodas.

fyi, this year's color//colour project has long since ended but I'm determined to finish.

11 March 2016

february's five

five favorite frames from the month of february, idea totally stolen (with permission, natch) from my friend xanthe.

what I'm learning is that the frames I love most are not always my best photographs. they're the moments I love most, the ones I really want to remember. so I hover there, in that uncomfortable realization for a little while before I think, eff it. I'm sharing my true favorites.


on a saturday afternoon with ava and the ukulele and the coat she won't take off.

on a monday morning because ezra loves gin rummy so much he somehow talked my dad into a few games before school.

on a thursday evening with the seagulls on sullivan island during a miraculous solo road trip to charleston, south carolina.

on a sunday evening with ava getting ready for her very first date.

on a saturday afternoon with ezra, who finally decided to get back on his bike and ride like the wind after something like a four year hiatus.

03 March 2016

keep your eyes open

some links:

in the real world (a terrific documentary on william eggleston on the youtubes)

women in photography (a righteous new blog)

new york subways (rare, full color photographs from 1966)

seeing through photographs (a free (yup, free) online MOMA course I'm currently taking)

saving fuji FP-100c (a petition you must please sign to save the last of the instant peel-apart pack film) (that little photograph up there of jen lee is an example of fuji FP-100c, folks) (there is no other film like it and I'm pretty sad about losing it)

advice from robert frank (the last line, it's the very last line)

01 March 2016

color//colour green

in the name of the color green, I:

walked in the green(ish) grass in my bare (cold) feet.
noticed the beginnings of green(ish) leaves on the trees in our backyard.
named every single green succulent that currently resides in our home.
okay, named all the green non-succulent living things too.
silently celebrated the BP gas station down on boulevard that is so totally doing its own thing.
waxed poetic about a battered old green hotel sign down on ponce and the early years of marriage.
dreamt of wild mint that grew in giant clumps back at our old house in portland.
dreamt of battered old green doorways and spanish moss that hangs crazy down in savannah.
did not hang the bundle of eucalyptus in the shower as planned.
did not eat enough green things, not even close.

(more of my greens here, more about color//colour lovers here, lovely co-collaborator xanthe's green here and both of our colors live quite happily here)

(having since blown through the final two weeks devoted to orange and blue, color//colour lovers is now officially over and obviously, I am a leetle behind) 

(expect a barrage of orange here and then probably a riot of blue and then, of course, a fond color//colour lovers adieu)