28 January 2009

for your listening pleasure

if it were possible to fall in love and marry a radio show, I would. this american life, will you marry me? I would like to spend the rest of my life listening to you. please say yes.

about a month or so ago, a good friend asked me to recommend a few episodes and the following list is what I happily sent his way. these are my favorite acts, my top five. these are the ones I can listen to over and over and over. the links take you to the pages and the pages list episode descriptions. each episode has three different stories/acts. the option to listen to each full episode is just to the left of the descriptions. I've listed specific acts here and you might want to skip forward to the ones I'm talking about. or not. I'll say this: if you're looking to get lost, today is your lucky day.

episode 323: the super, act two (super duper). because it's the best snowman story ever. and when I say ever, I mean ever.

episode 192: meet the pros, act one (crispy with the rock). because I was born and raised on basketball. and because there's a line towards the end that really does something to me.

episode 347: matchmakers, act three (babies buying babies). because you must hear it to believe it. at first, you will probably laugh. but then you will want to cry because you won't want it to be true.

episode 173: three kinds of deception, act three (accidental deception). because this lil froggy is ripe. that's all I'm going to say.

episode 218, act V. because. just because. but also because it's brilliant and beautiful.

22 January 2009

38 things to do before I turn 39

1. roller skate backwards.
2. shoot with the yashica.
3. visit canada.
4. cultivate a collection of found paper.
5. purchase a pair of rain boots.
6. celebrate the chinese new year in a garden. done
7. learn to embroider.
8. write one sentence everyday for a year.
9. take on the bins.
10. visit velveteria.
11. renew my passport.
12. take class at dance new amsterdam.
13. wander aimlessly. done
14. hit up the waffle cart on north lombard. done
15. take ava and ezra on a photo walk.
16. celebrate with nancy and kristy.
17. hike wahkeenah falls.
18. read five books.
19. make key tag jewelry with ava.
20. spend the night in the backyard.
21. fill a book with collages.
22. map out a photobooth crawl.
23. ride my bike along the eastbank esplanade.
24. wreck a journal.
25. finish the strangers project.
26. photograph von's studio. done
27. walk across the st. john's bridge. done
28. load up the polaroid automatic 100. done
29. have a bowl of pho on 82nd avenue.
30. orchestrate something awesome.
31. beat ward at pacman.
32. spend an afternoon at skidmore fountain.
33. teach ezra the rerun.
34. take back the basement.
35. fill a jar with magical thinking.
36. make (and film) a dance. done
37. finish the unfinished.
38. bake a pie from scratch.

19 January 2009


hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.

martin luther king jr.

16 January 2009

photobooth friday

this is the one where we squeeze into the booth on a cold thursday night, right after the eating of much frenchness but right before all the red velvet birthday cake.

and this is the part where I talk about how much I miss my mom.

on deck:

a new list for a new year.

the quest for a new photobooth plus how uncle von went on to become the stuff of which legends are made.

14 January 2009

happily happily

two things today:

1. happily listening to an old favorite over and over.

2. happily planning a class I'll be teaching at squam in september.

I'd love to see you there, if you are so inclined. cardboard and old cameras will be involved plus an abundance of forest-wandering. it might also be like a big slumber party except I promise not to put toothpaste or shaving cream in your hair or color in your entire nose with a permanent black marker like my cousin did to me in the summer of 1984. I can, however, promise you a great deal of that thing they call fun. fun fun fun whether you take my class or not. because squam? pretty much the cat's pajamas.

13 January 2009

louder, please

become big and write with the whole world in your arms.

(natalie goldberg)

09 January 2009

37 things (or, the good that slipped in through the back door)

in the spirit of last year's list, I give you this: an ode to unpredictability. a new list. a collection of the unintended, the unplanned. one that commemorates the unexpected little (and big) things that happen over the course of 365 days. I'm not going to lie, it hasn't been the easiest year. in fact, parts of it have been so painful I can barely stand to speak of them. but this is how you get over, you make a list of the good.

these are things that snuck up on me from behind. these are things I never really saw coming. in my 38th year, I:

1. found the most perfect pair of socks ever.

2. made it through my first portland winter.

3. learned to work my camera manually.

4. watched the urban bush women from the nosebleed section.

5. saw my photographs and words in print.

6. fell head over heels in love with a lens.

7. fell head over heels in love with a hammock.

8. marched in a parade.

9. said goodbye to the company that brought us out here and hello to a better life.

10. stumbled onto the most beautiful display of photobooths in the history of the world.

11. picnicked at the top of mt. tabor.

12. constructed a robot cake.

13. picked strawberries from our own garden.

14. stood on the hood of a car parked on the side of a ridiculously dangerous highway and photographed fields of sunflowers.

15. had my hair blown willy nilly whilst riding the ferry with leslie.

16. traveled along the edge of the pacific ocean and fell in love with the 101.

17. watched ava learn how to ride a bike. was there the moment ward let go of the back of her seat. watched her pedal off in the most heartbreakingly wobbly and triumphant way.

18. stood on the burnside bridge and watched the fireworks.

19. collaborated with the birthday girl and pulled off perhaps our best party yet.

20. rode my bike to the local farmers market.

21. tie-dyed 88 pieces of fabric for 88 kids in one hour.

22. got hooked on sugar cane lemonade and empanadas, the likes of which can only be found at a restaurant housed in what is surely the brightest colored building in all of portland.

23. introduced the kids to dairy queen dilly bars.

24. fell madly in love with ten tiny dances.

25. stood barefoot in a rose garden with mati and kelly rae.

26. found myself right smack dab in the middle of a lovebomb.

27. discovered magnificent manzanita, found starfish and anemones hiding in the tide pools at short sands.

28. watched belly dancers jiggle and undulate on mississippi avenue.

29. watched b-boys spin and flip at the mister's first solo art show.

30. saw my first double rainbow.

31. spent an afternoon wading in a spectacular public fountain.

32. spent an afternoon wandering through a quiet orchard.

33. spent time with so many rad women. all of them, terrifically lovely and amazing. fantastically extraordinary, fabulously gloriously marvelous. luminous and brilliant, radiant and remarkable women. absolutely inspiring, each and every one. so totally and completely awesome. I mean it, so awesome.

34. went a little bananas over an old polaroid camera.

35. was treated to dinner prepared by the best chef in portland.

36. visited the museum of giant shoes.

37. learned to love 82nd avenue.