//70 THINGS IN 2,669 DAYS///

I've been doing the birthday list thing for a while now. years, actually-- nine, to be exact. it was something I dreamt up back in 2006 on my 36th birthday (see also: 36 things// 37 things// 38 things// 39 things). then I took a little break from it because I figured maybe its enough already, you know, with the making of the lists and the doing of the things on the lists and all the documenting of the doing of the things on the lists. and then I had a little change of heart because, life. because I needed it.

behold, 70 things in 2,669 days:

or, 70 things before I turn 49:

1. fill a room with balloons
2. swim in turquoise waters
3. shoot with the yashica
4. spend the night in a yurt (done)
5. stand in a field of sunflower gold (done)
6. stand in a field of daffodil gold
7. develop the box full of film
8. walk across seventy bridges
9. fly down seventy slides
10. label the backs of all the polaroids
11. label the backs of the photobooth strips
12. own a pink ukulele (done)
13. take the train down to new orleans
14. take the train up to new york
15. rifle through junk at the largest fleamarket in the world (done)
16. wear the fellini dress
17. attend a photobooth convention
18. learn to rewire a lamp
19. stand at the top of the falls
20. celebrate twenty years of marriage  (done)
21. bake a lemon meringue pie
22. visit salvation mountain
23. celebrate ava's sixteenth (with an adventure) (done)
24. celebrate ezra's thirteenth (with an adventure)
25. celebrate ward's fiftieth (with an adventure)
26. finish the q&a book
27. shop the world's longest yard sale
28. make (and wear) a floral crown (done)
29. write about the charm bracelets
30. write about my mom
31. take the kids to chicago
32. take the kids to new york
33. hang the old souvenir pennants
34. archive the old family photographs
35. walk the portland east bank esplanade
36. walk the atlanta beltline trail
37. fill a book with collages
38. take one hundred dance classes
39. make one hundred paper flowers
40. visit the japanese bathhouse
41. visit the korean saunas
42. shoot polaroids in italy
43. shoot polaroids in france  (donedonedone)
44. pillow fight with strangers
45. roller skate with friends
46. transform the garage
47. plant a little garden
48. color hunt in cuba
49. write with friends in oregon
50. hit the nashville fleamarket (with ava)
51. hit the 26th street fleamarket (with ava)
52. ride bikes on city streets (with ward)
53. explore new mexico (with ezra)
54. spend the night in an old trailer
55. spend the night in an old teepee
56.  ride the santa cruz sky candy (done)
57. embroider favorite bridges
58. stitch sashiko patterns
59. learn how to make a good cup of coffee
60. resurrect the hammock
61. revisit the underwater camera
62. visit paradise gardens (done)
63. complete the series
64. finish the book of polaroid portraits
65. make a little paper zine
66. get a little permanent ink
67. visit a rooftop carnival
68. spend the night in a pink room
69. shell at twilight in the warm shallow waters of the gulf of mexico
70. run willy nilly into the cold, cold waters of the pacific ocean (done)