25 April 2011


this is

which of my photographs is my favorite? the one I'm going to take tomorrow. -imogen cunningham

19 April 2011

tomorrow is today

tomorrow is today

finally, we have sun. and it's bouncing around all over the city of portland like a giant yellow ball.

we are all out in it. we are celebrating by doing things like opening windows and taking photographs of the sky. we are laying in the grass and ordering ice cream cones. some of us are even wearing sandals, though it's not really warm enough for that. what I'm trying to say here is that we feel a little like we just won the lottery, like we're at the beginning of the shiniest kind of parade. we know it's not going to last forever but dang it if we're not going to forget everything for a second and lose our minds over it.

(PX680 film plus blue skies= so much win)

16 April 2011

happy national record store day

hello record player

get thee to the nearest record store, good people. for today is a day to show record store love.

14 April 2011

the full report


sharing is good



is there anything better? probably not

wall of happy

felt good to lay out all those pretty polaroid cameras and packs of film, to watch all the fine workshop peoples pick them up and hold them in their hands. felt good to send the peoples out into that small coastal town armed and ready, watch them all trickle back into the house and tape their favorite polaroids onto that giant white wall. and I'll tell you, it felt good to teach again. really really good.

hammering out details for workshops in both portland and san francisco. details to come, my friends.

p.s. extra special thanks to the impossible project for the goodies. giddy over all the goodies.

12 April 2011

summer on a string

summer on a string

if you need a little summer, I've got it. in necklace form, that is.

am officially stoked to be part of an awesome necklace collaboration with sprout studio. many many thanks to my friend jen, the creative force behind all sprout studio loveliness. internet high five, jen. INTERNET HIGH FIVE.

06 April 2011

instant joy

thanks, viv


cobalt teal

oh manzanita


and chocolate

and of course

back from teaching at the JOY retreat. not so much with the words just yet, more with the images, so many images. sometimes they tell it better than I can anyway.

p.s. more of that PX 680 color shade beta test film from the impossible project. which I think I'd like to marry.

04 April 2011