31 August 2011

the good fight

looks like

I walked into that yarn shop and I said yes. this is what I want. this is how I want to organize my life. items arranged according to color, tucked neatly into several pleasingly symmetrical little cubbies. instead, I am like most americans. I stuff things I don't really need under beds, into the backs of dark closets, into overflowing attics, basements, garages. make no mistake, I keep our main living spaces fairly clutter free. I'll tell you, when it comes to those areas, I'm a bit of a nut. but one peek at my basement and THE JIG IS UP.

it's not that I don't have a plan. it's that the plan makes me tired. the plan requires more time than I have to give it. the plan requires things like commitment and discipline. the plan demands I throw things out, things I'm not sure I'm ready to throw out. actually, what the plan really wants is a yard sale. this is not completely unreasonable, seeing as how I have put on my fair share of yard sales (and legendary ones, at that). but for some reason, I cannot rally. I start and then people need me and/or projects need me and the whole yard sale party is over before it ever really began. needless to say, this does not please the plan. truth be told, this disgusts the plan.

still, I continue to chip away. a drawer here, a shelf there, a few boxes from the attic, a file cabinet from the basement. I have learned to celebrate small victories. and when I really need a shot in the arm, I walk into a yarn shop. I eye the colors and the cubbies and I am filled with hope.

26 August 2011

instant los angeles

the shiny and the happy

swimming pools

oh, california


to swim in the ocean


somewhere between

as it turns out, fuji color peel apart film really sort of loves bright sunny los angeles. once I realized this, I burned through packs of film like a crazy person. not pictured here (but forever immortalized with the nikon and the iphone): the street art show, grauman's chinese theatre, olvera street, disneyland and of course, multiple trips to in-n-out burger.

22 August 2011


hey hey

am now an official contributor over at shutters sisters and people, I am stoked. also, honored. find me over there once a month, yapping about photography and such. I do enjoy the yapping.

to celebrate, they're giving away one spot in my upcoming instant photography workshop over at teahouse studios in berkeley-- comment between now and midnight (EST) tuesday, august 23rd for a chance to win! but, on the offchance that you don't win and you're still interested in the workshop, there are still a few spots available. space is limited so get thee to the registration page and join me in an instant photography geek fest like no other. seriously. I promise you BIG POLAROID FUN.

16 August 2011

E is for Epic

big sur

back now from the road trip to end all road trips: portland to los angeles, los angeles to portland via somewhat equal parts I-5, the 101 and CA-1. somewhere along the spectacular stretch that is big sur, we lost our minds. and I mean that in the best way, the very best way.

am now stuck in that place, that strange post-vacation place. wading through mountains of images and piles of laundry. one minute I'm happy to be home and the next, I'm weepy for the road. up and down, up and down.

one thing I know for sure: there are words and pictures to be shared.

01 August 2011

two things


firstly, clogs. just like the tan ones only red. red for summer.

secondly, instagram. I may or may not have fallen down a sizable instagram rabbit hole. this is hardly news since I've been on there since april but still. an intervention may be in order.