04 June 2015

because they don't last long

'some things are precious because they don't last long.'  -oscar wilde

honored to be a new contributing artist for this thoughtful collaborative project. because, they don't last long. they really don't. and we are all just doing what we can to hold onto them.

01 June 2015

free ATL//part one

some of my favorite things in this here city of atlanta are free and here are five of them:

number one

it costs exactly nothing to see all of the murals. holy crap, there are a lot of murals. thank you, living walls.

number two

pay no admission to wander the goat farm and leave secret messages inside the giant wall of file cabinets.

number three

it will cost you zero dollars to hop on los trompos at the high museum of art. spin for hours, spin yourself dizzy, they will not charge you a penny.

number four

pay nothing to knock on all the tiny doors of atlanta. right now, there are seven. I bet there will be more.

number five

they will not charge you one cent to ride the beltline. ride your bike past murals and more murals, past people on cuter bikes than yours, past parts of atlanta you did not know existed, you will not pay one cent.

and now you have money for the important things like cute sandals (for all the walking) and film for the camera and fountain cokes from the gas station. and let's face it, you are probably also going to need a little money for gas. still, you'll make out like a freaking bandit.

free ATL//part two on deck because, summer.