28 September 2013

photobooth friday

this past summer: he turned nine, she turned thirteen. and, per our yearly tradition, we marked each birthday with a photobooth strip. I see them both so clearly here, so much of who they are. I look forward to the day we can lay out each strip, year by year. look at who they were at different ages, how they've changed. or haven't. I really look forward to that day.

but I'm in no hurry, no hurry at all.

22 September 2013

this summer, I stood

 on the streets of san francisco's mission neighborhood
in stall after stall at the treasure island fleamarket
in jen and bob's sweet backyard, with the succulents and the nasturtiums and yesh, a few chickens
on rocks with ward at the edge of the water, san francisco off in the distance
in the bathroom of a stumptown coffee shopdowntown portland
with a few people I love at kruger's farm, sauvie island
on alix and greg's spectacular back patio, oakland, california
in booth after booth at the alameda fleamarket
with alix and jenny on the streets of san francisco's japantown
in the middle of an oregonian desert
at the edge of the swimming pool
in the shallows of short sands beach at the oregon coast
on the island of port townsend, washington (last adventure of the summer, very very last)

it's been a good summer, folks. I'm thankful for that. and I don't take one second for granted, not even one teeny tiny second. 

12 September 2013

habit (the art of)


I'm over at habit this month, posting photographs and words about my everyday. hop on over, if you like. it's a lovely little space, that habit.

09 September 2013

saturday night

saturday night

the classics

these two


my dream car



saturday night at the drive-in, y'all. that's what we did. with popcorn and twizzlers and shiny old cars and a trunk packed with pillows and blankets and old sheets and then bill murray and ghostbusters up on the giant screen and then a million stars in the wide open night sky. we are not swimming in money (not even close) but we know how to do saturday night.

if you believe in wonderful old cultural icons like the american drive-in and you don't want to watch them die off one by one then you should maybe take a look at this. I would surely cry happy little tears of joy if you'd vote to save one. preferably this one, but you know. just so long as you vote. by midnight tonight.

viva la drive-in, I say!


07 September 2013

photobooth friday

19th wedding anniversary, properly celebrated. with pretty drinks and fancy food and a trip to the photobooth. nineteen years. nineteen years. sometimes it feels like we are light years from who we were when we stood together in that church on september 3rd, 1994. and we are. but then sometimes it feels like no time has passed at all.

this time next year? twenty. and we've got big plans. big plans, friends. here's hoping we can pull it off.