27 April 2015

this is my hustle



'roid week, polaroid week, week of the polaroid (all titles accepted, all titles apply) was last week. I will admit to struggling with it just a little bit this go round, lest ye think every polaroid week is one big fat happy polaroid pony ride. it took a few days for general enthusiasm to set in, for my head to catch up with everyone else in the group. the SX-70 jammed and spit out frame after frame. I had less film than I thought I did and all the ideas felt stupid et cetera et cetera et cetera. but then, ava with the curtain and the light and the majestic diner on the way home and I was reminded: the extra work is worth it. the magic ones are there. you just have to dig a little. sometimes, a lot.

coincidentally, I just wrote this very thing-- this value in the working and the digging thing-- like, three weeks ago. I wrote a little piece for the fine folks over at instantly framed-- a guide to instant photography (which you can read here) and apparently, I do not practice what I preach. rather, I am slow to practice what I preach.

but when I really want to give up on instant photography all together, I go here and I think, holy crap what would the world be without instant film? I mean, really? I don't want to know.