11 December 2012

today I am 42

and so this year, I'll be wishing for a little bit more of the brighter. not so much with the faster but just a little bit more of the brighter. 

07 December 2012


I get lost in the details. of a shoot. I could spend hours on the small things. completely lost myself in this montessori classroom while the kids were out on the playground. it's a good feeling. it's why I do what I do.

and people, if I could start life all over again, I think maybe my first order of business would be to enroll myself in a montessori school. this one in particular.

04 December 2012

hello december

hello christmas tree, hello house that smells like childhood. hello december. I am somewhere between wide open arms and wishing I could skip you altogether. am living squarely in the space between. but you're here, december. and there's really nothing I can do about it. what I can do is pinch sap off the ends of christmas tree branches, wear it like perfume. eat clementines, make salted caramels. set out the little forest, jump on the couch with the kids. celebrate the birth, sing the songs. and ride the waves, ride all the waves.