28 January 2012

six years!

six years!

of photobooth friday! how is this possible? wait, don't answer that. this I do solemnly swear: as long as there are photobooths, I will be jumping into them. and as long as I am here on the internets, I will be sharing.

p.s. that is ezra up there, top row, second frame. THAT IS EZRA.

26 January 2012


so yesterday ezra sang with his second grade class and is there anything better than elementary school music performances? no, there is not. because they sing with their whole bodies, they sing with everything. they sway and they wiggle and they get so excited about the music they JUST HAVE TO MOVE. and they practice and practice these songs and then there's a whole gymnasium filled with people who've come to listen to them sing. it's a big day so they show up wearing things like gold sequined capes and red velvet vests, miniature bow ties and tiny tiaras. special dresses and shiny shoes and tucked-in shirts. and then some kids show up wearing tee shirts. the whole scene makes my heart swell. it always does.

they sang a few of the classics but then the music teacher threw us a curve ball. and it's not like I ever even liked the song dynamite but there is no way not to like it now that I've seen it performed by fifty-three second graders. because my goodness. when fifty-three second graders throw their hands up in the air and sing how they 'GON LIGHT IT UP, LIKE IT'S DY-NO-MITE', all bets are off. the song took on a completely different meaning and don't you know they brought the house down. the crowd went wild and fifty-three second graders (my son included) beamed. and if that is not the best thing to happen all week well then I don't know what is.

24 January 2012


to balance out

and this. to cut a swath through today's infinite grey.

23 January 2012

almost there

15. happiness.
day fifteen: happiness

16. morning.
day sixteen: morning

17. water.
day seventeen: water

18. something I bought.
day eighteen: something I bought

19. sweet.
day nineteen: sweet

20. someone I love.
day twenty: someone I love

21. reflection.
day twenty-one: reflection

week three of january photo a day, a little photo challenge over on instagram. to be clear, this is a diversion. a thing I am doing to take my mind off the month they call january. januuuuuuaaaaaaaarrrry. we are facing our first long stretch of rain here in portland and it's possible I will not make it.

20 January 2012


six years ago, I wrote about a piece of graffiti on the walls of a car wash on dekalb avenue in atlanta. it was something I looked for everyday as I drove back and forth. the color inspired me, cracked a little something open in me. everyday, I'd race by that car wash and everyday that piece was there, singing my song. and then one day it wasn't. such is the nature of graffiti and street art, nothing is permanent, everything is fluid. work gets painted over all the time (comes with the territory) but still. I've never really forgotten it, for whatever reason. the graffiti writer behind that piece, hense, is an artist I've been following since the early nineties. billboards, overpasses, buildings, train cars, he was up all over the city. his work is as much atlanta to me as dekalb avenue and the majestic diner, as the civic yard and marta trains and MLK.

so of course we took a little drive down dekalb avenue while we were home for christmas and dang it if we didn't stumble onto spectacular new work by hense. I wrote a little bit about it today over at poppytalk, hop on over if you like. a shot in the arm, fresh new work, color for days, all these things. it's like driving by that car wash all over again.

19 January 2012


dear dekalb avenue
first, drive the streets. go looking.

off ponce
you will find them.

hidden like easter eggs, all over the city.

oh atlanta
color that pops and locks.

north highland
layers that peel, layers that tell.

new work, new school.

old school
old work, old school.

man, I miss atlanta.

17 January 2012

dear mom,

photobooth <br />friday

you were so sparkly and radiant back then! bright like a roman candle. thing is, you are just as bright and sparkly and radiant now. more so, even. how do you do that? add to that list brave and strong. so strong. I am (and always will be) endlessly inspired by you.


xo, a

p.s. are you wearing your paper crown? if I was there, you know I'd make you wear that paper crown.

16 January 2012


seen in the hallways

seen in the hallways of our school. thank you, dr. king.


8. my sky.
day eight: my sky

9. daily routine.
day nine: daily routine

10. childhood.
day ten: childhood

11. where I sleep.
day eleven: where I sleep

12. close-up.
day twelve: close-up

13. in my bag.
day thirteen: in my bag

14. something I'm reading.
day fourteen: something I'm reading (or, re-reading)

(week two of january photo a day-- a little photo challenge over on instagram)

15 January 2012

kick start

1. me

day one: me

2. breakfast
day two: breakfast

3. something I adore.
day three: something I adore

4. mailbox.
day four: mailbox

5. something I wore.
day five: something I wore (in my hair)

6. makes me smile
day six: makes me smile

7. favorite.
day seven: favorite

(week one of january photo a day-- a little photo challenge over on instagram. you know, a little something to kick the year into action. thank ye kindly for the daily prompts, fatmumslim)

12 January 2012



first instant shot of the year, taken at the high museum of art on january 3rd. a bit of a decisive moment, friends. given how unsettled and unsure I've been feeling about the year ahead, it's a moment I keep coming back to. I want to step into the new year the same way I composed this image, the same way my finger pressed that little red shutter button-- quietly. and with great confidence.

08 January 2012

like I said

best new years eve
pretty much the best new years eve ever.

cream, two sugars
no waffles, no cheese grits. but coffee, black. with lots of sugar.

favorite people
and people, my favorite people.

and waitresses and strangers. counting down, kissing at midnight.

a little al green,
plus a little al green, a little james brown.

from the bottom of my purse
and the neon pink party horn from the bottom of my purse, which I always carry. because, you never know.

2012 self

waffle house, people. who knew?