05 January 2012

list forty: some things I did on the last day of the year

1. jumped on a trampoline

2. spent a little time in the car

3. but with the windows partly rolled down

4. introduced my niece to the fine music of blondie

5. played several rounds of I SPY

6. marveled over bright blue skies

7. sampled a coca-cola flavored cupcake

8. watched cousins hop in and out of a photobooth


10. yelled it a lot

11. maybe a hundred times

12. contemplated the making of party hats

13. contemplated the purchasing of party hats

14. laid on the trampoline with ezra and looked up at the sky

15. watched the light turn gold

16. then blue

17. listened to him talk about the moon

18. reveled in that moment, that really really spectacular moment

19. discussed the merits of 2011 over mexican food

20. blew off resolutions

21. went on a double date

22. somehow ended up at waffle house twenty minutes before midnight

23. considered ordering waffles

24. and/or grits

25. ordered coffee instead

26. played al green on the juke box

27. fished a pink plastic party horn out from the bottom of my purse

28. counted down the last seconds of the year

29. counted them down with my husband, my brother and my sister-in-law

30. and a restaurant full of strangers

31. blew that pink party horn

32. blew it loud

33. kissed my husband

34. loved everyone in that waffle house

35. for a second, loved everyone and everything inside (and outside) that waffle house


  1. Only you could re-live such a lovely event in list form! Thoroughly enjoyable. And the photograph of Ezra is too beautiful.

    Now I am contemplating waffles.

  2. I love this. and also, this. it is totally different from the original, but if you are feeling a little bit quiet and melancholy it is simply beautiful. praying for you still. always.

  3. Somehow ended up at a Waffle House... yeah, I know what you mean.

    I'm glad you blew off New Year's resolutions. But I think one perfect resolution would be, through the course of the year, to introduce at least one youngster to the fine music of Blondie.

    The conversation Ezra had with you about the moon does sound spectacular.

  4. it was one hell of a year. i like the way you spent the last day. a lot. xo

  5. Love this list. How was that cupcake?

  6. hula,
    You are my hero. Such a great reminder that we can live in the moment and still keep a reminder for later. Love your list and you. Here's to a great new year. ~beth in VT

  7. hula,
    You are my hero. Such a great reminder that we can live in the moment and still keep a reminder for later. Love your list and you. Here's to a great new year. ~beth in VT

  8. Wonderful post. As for the coca cola cupcakes....my husband makes a cola-chocolate cake. He gets the syrup from a local supplier. Yummy

  9. oh man..i want to spend new year's eve in a waffle house! maybe next year?

  10. dear lord. i never really know how you do what you do...magic, your words.

    i would love to have snapped a photo of you and ezra lying on that trampoline. or to be a blade of grass underneath, listening to your conversation.
    so sweet.

    lovelovelove to you. thinking of you muchly.

  11. Now THAT's the way to have a good new year. = )

  12. LOVE everything about this post ;)

  13. a most wonderful, wonderful list. xo.

  14. Now that is my kind of list but I think it would take me weeks to do all of those wonderful things.
    You sound so fun!

  15. Happy New Year Andrea!
    Love everything on this list.

  16. i love your beautiful blog that is so real to life.

    much love,

    the sleepy time gal

  17. I LOVE this. seriously. love.
    I love your blog!

  18. I can't think of a better place to ring in the New Year!


  19. Thanks for the wonderful post. It put a smile on my face and a tiny bit of mist in my eye.

  20. sounds like a beautiful end of one year an the way to start a new one. happy new year!

  21. how was the coca cola cupcake??