25 February 2011

photobooth friday

photobooth friday!

something like a year ago, I received an email from the assistant of a french author who asked if I might like to be part of a photobooth book. there was to be no financial compensation but might I be interested? well, yes. a french photobooth book? YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. the very thought of my photobooth frames appearing on the pages of a french photobooth book had me over the moon, pay or no pay. I mean, even if never saw the finished product, never got to hold the book with my own two hands. the very thought.

in the months that followed, there was a little back and forth regarding which photobooth frames would be used in the book and could I write a little something about my experience with photobooths? yes, of course I could and then, I don't know. I just sort of forgot about the whole thing. in december, I received an email informing me the book was finished and could I please send my mailing address so they could send me a copy? again, over the moon at the prospect but the craziness of december set in and again, I forgot all about it.

english version

until january 27th, that is. which is when I found myself in san francisco at the moma (henri cartier bresson show= part of that belated 40th birthday adventure). more specifically, I found myself standing in the gift shop in front of an enormous book display. which is when I spied a new photobooth book. which, of course, I promptly picked up and thumbed through. wow, I thought. wow. this is great, this is fantastic. pages and pages of terrific photobooth frames and the work of so many amazing photobooth artists. daniel minnick (a long time favorite of mine) and so many others. the work of lovely fellow polaroid photographer jena ardell and my good friend and fellow photographer cori kindred. wow, I thought. why couldn't I have been part of a book like this? I WOULD KILL TO BE PART OF A BOOK LIKE THIS. friends, at that exact moment, the book fell open to the spread with my photobooth frames, my words, my name across the top. at once, I remembered. the french photobooth book! this is that french photobooth book! except this one was in english and it was here, in my hands. here, in the middle of the moma gift shop downtown san francisco. it was a moment, I tell you. an extraordinary little moment. and almost five years to the date of when I first started the photobooth friday project. fancy that.

so very exciting

one week later, I received the french version of the book in the mail. that night, I stuffed that beautiful little photomaton book in my bag and made my way down to the nearest photobooth. but of course, my friends. but of course.

the necessary linkage:

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cori kindred and her awesome post on the book

also, many many thanks to author raynal pellicer. 'tis an honor to be a part of such a book.

23 February 2011

in case you need to hear it

in case you need to hear it

you know, in case you were having doubts.

(thank you, 826 valencia-- for this most awesome postcard)

22 February 2011

he is

he is

one of my favorite people to photograph. that friend of mine, that dan smith.

last week found me on a shoot with my brother-- first to atlanta to an abandoned trainyard off dekalb avenue and then to the outer edges of a crumbly ghostly town in southern illinois. I love my job. even though it occasionally takes me away from my family, I love my job. I love the brainstorming of ideas, the researching of locations. I love the styling, the working out of the details, the finessing of story lines. but mostly, I love working with my brother.

so anyway, dan was at the trainyard in atlanta with us and there was a little bit of 600 polaroid film (such a sad little bit) and a smidge of magic light and if nothing else ever even came out of the shoot but this polaroid, well then I'd still be happy. because polaroid portraits like these make my world go round and round and round.

I do have more to share, so much more.

15 February 2011

it's all that pink and red

this time last year

I really sort of love valentines day. and not because I need a special day to wallow in love and sweetness, but because I need a day where pink and red reign supreme. pink paper chains and red construction paper hearts. pink frosting and bright red cherry juice. pink roses and red tulips. I am a sucker for such things. and I'm not ashamed to say it.

08 February 2011

for all my train lovers

at the train station

better than tv

portland train station, I love you

pinkish orangish

the sightseer


a few more photographs from my train adventure-- train number 11, portland to san francisco. next time, portland to los angeles. I'm putting it on The List.

06 February 2011

list thirty-three: things seen from the window of a train

from the window of the train

part of my belated 40th birthday present involved riding train number 11 (the coast starlight) all the way down to san francisco. after eighteen hours of riding, here's what I know: I love trains. I think they might be my favorite way to travel. and friends, I could not tear my eyes away from the window. I could not. I stared out that train window until the sky turned black and there was nothing left to see but the dim neon lights of the occasional small town we passed through. I did not sleep much but I did make a list of a few things I saw along the way. well, of course I made a list. I made a list because it's what I do. but also, I made a list because I want to remember.

things seen:

1. bright blocks of trainyard graffiti

2. birds swooping in oblong patterns

3. golden magic hour light and the willamette river

4. cobbled-together shanty towns

5. a woman waving from her back porch

6. the insides of a few dimly lit dining rooms, the glare of tiny televisions

7. a rainbow of plastic fruit crates

8. a field full of bright yellow tractors

9. a brilliant pink sky

10. a spectacular jumble of electrical equipment

11. nothing but darkness for what seemed like hours

12. small town neon

13. train passengers scrambling off the train to smoke

14. the insides of a long grey tunnel

15. finally, a sliver of moon

16. and then eventually, milky white light and the beginning of a new day

17. an unfinished highway

18. a neon pink wind sock

19. the first palm tree

20. an unrecognizable word spelled out with pieces of driftwood

21. a swampy area filled with a dozen overturned grocery carts

22. tiny hopeful patches of blue sky

23. and then finally, a wide open blue sky

24. an old turquoise trailer and too many industrial parks to mention

25. the waters of san pablo bay

26. more and more bright-colored graffiti

27. the beginnings of oakland

28. a woman in a row boat

29. the san francisco skyline

I cannot wait to ride again. I. cannot. wait.

02 February 2011

get your paint on


I am so completely excited to be taking mati and lisa's new painting class. I am telling you, I am ready to get my paint on and I am not even kidding. I'm ready to create a little space to paint in, hang a new inspiration wire, dig out all my supplies. I'm ready for new supplies too. tomorrow, I'll head down to the art supply store and is there even anything more beautiful than the art supply store? is there? all those tubes of bright-colored paint, those rainbow rows of chalks and colored pencils, those tubs of gum erasers, those blank canvases. possibility for days. and the smell of an art supply store! right up there with the inside of an old library book.

so yes, I'm excited. if you'd like to get your paint on too well then you've got today-- today is the last day to sign up.

I don't know about you but so far, I am liking february.