30 June 2009

I am so ready

ready for a road trip, so ready. I cannot adequately express how ready I am. to throw some junk in a bag and slide into the passenger seat of the car. to prop bare feet up on the dashboard and dangle hands out of a rolled-down window. to fly down the highway, slurpee in hand, eyes on a wide open horizon. I don't even really care where we go. just so long as we go. just so long as we're properly able to switch up our geography. I'm ready.

26 June 2009

I miss the magic place

"... but of course there is no logic to san francisco generally, a city built with putty and pipe cleaners, rubber cement and colored construction paper. it's the work of fairies, elves, happy children with new crayons. why not pink, purple, rainbow, gold? what color for a biker bar on 16th, near the highway? plum. plum. the light that is so strong and right that corners are clear, crisp, all glass blinding- stilts and buttresses and turrets- the remains of various highways- rainbow windsocks- a sexual sort of lushness to the foliage. only intermittently does it seem like an actual place of residence and commerce, with functional roads and sensible buildings. all other times it's just whimsy and faith. just driving to and from marny's, in the castro, is epic, this hill and that hill- oh, the sorrow of flat, straight illinois!- this vista and that, always the hills, the curves, the maybe our brakes will fail- it's always a kind of adventure in faded technicolor, starring a vast cast of brightly dressed losers."

from the book a heartbreaking work of staggering genius by dave eggers

san francisco, I hardly knew ye. still, I love thee.

19 June 2009

photobooth friday

all I can say is that we were at archie mcphee's. which is a place that just makes you want to do odd things. and buy odd things. before you know it, you are insisting your husband don blonde braids in the photobooth while you fill your little red shopping basket with things like bacon-flavored dental floss, bubblegum cigarettes, underwear for squirrels, corn dog air fresheners and enormous sombreros. in the end, you will come to your senses. though not before you have dragged several props into the photobooth and purchased the tiniest deck of playing cards ever, several cute plastic rings and a bottle of robot bubbles.

we hit the road back in february, found ourselves in seattle for a day and a night. found our way to the aforementioned infamous archie mcphee's (I'd heard about the photobooth) and settled in for the afternoon. road trips and photobooths go together quite nicely, which is something I wrote a little about in the latest issue of light leaks magazine.

if you are a fan of low fidelity photography at all, this publication is for you. page after page of toy camera goodness. page after page after page. you can find me (and my family) on pages 6 and 7 but you will only want to linger briefly because the rest of the issue is ridiculously fantastic. get your copy here, my toy camera-loving friends.

and another crazy one for today. just because. from the carnival a couple of weeks ago. a little expensive but totally worth it.

more photobooth awesomeness in my little group. the little group that just keeps on going, much to my utter and total delight.

18 June 2009


I watched the annie liebovitz documentary recently and she said something I really loved.

she said that dance is art that sort of lives in the air.

exactly, I thought. that is exactly right. and as much as there was to take from that documentary, that is probably the one and only thing that will stay with me. forever and ever amen. that one sentence, that one idea. and I really sort of love when that happens.

p.s. deets on the above amazing photos:

1. Tami Stronach/Modern Guest Artist@DNA
2. Walking with ghosts
3. Dancing Soul
4. abellernyt
5. Stefanie Nelson/Modern Guest Artists@DNA
6. Untitled

16 June 2009

I've been

listening to third graders sing classics
thinking they probably sing them better than anyone else in the world
feeling thankful for awesome school teachers
seriously loving some zines
dreaming of strawberry fields, drive-in movies and the ocean
celebrating birthday number five with the world's greatest kid
freezing lemon slices for pitchers of lemonade
missing houlihan's class in the ark so incredibly much
falling in love with the bagdad
planting nasturtium, cosmo, zinnia and sunflower seeds
swooning over tiny green buds pushing their way out of the ground
admiring ava's new red sandals
clomping around in my own
struggling to find balance
sneaking alone time in the hammock with books and popsicles
writing about volkwagen buses for the second issue
crushing on john krasinski and questlove
indulging in cherry snow cones
throwing pretty sheets over big messes
then pretending the messes don't exist
basking in church basement sale victories
and the purchase of one very rad banana seat bike
feeling ridiculously proud of that guy I married
and the first childrens book he illustrated
blowing through packs of film at an alarming rate
perfecting my skeeball game
slicing up watermelon
missing lightning bugs
writing about home
salivating over the promise of so many backyard blackberries
constructing lego-shaped birthday cakes
maybe spending too much time at target
inventing reasons to order polka-dotted cupcake liners
and little plastic cupcake toppers and other stuff
loving the way my home looks through her eyes
stuffing the magical jar of thinking full of golden words
listening to the new one from mos
planning a monumental trip back home
thinking a good tailor might be the answer
trying to establish a more productive work flow
and sort of failing
wishing a few good films would get here already
thinking about the perfect day
loving the way the sun hangs on for hours these days
contemplating colors for toenails
overthinking it, actually
slowly chipping away at the list
feeling totally blissed out about summer

I've been a little busy.

08 June 2009

carnivals are fun

some carnival color for your monday afternoon.

p.s. same photobooths as last year and just as pretty as I remember.

01 June 2009

it's here

first day of june= unofficially the first day of summer.

but summer came early this year. and I was ready. I have been ready for months.