16 June 2009

I've been

listening to third graders sing classics
thinking they probably sing them better than anyone else in the world
feeling thankful for awesome school teachers
seriously loving some zines
dreaming of strawberry fields, drive-in movies and the ocean
celebrating birthday number five with the world's greatest kid
freezing lemon slices for pitchers of lemonade
missing houlihan's class in the ark so incredibly much
falling in love with the bagdad
planting nasturtium, cosmo, zinnia and sunflower seeds
swooning over tiny green buds pushing their way out of the ground
admiring ava's new red sandals
clomping around in my own
struggling to find balance
sneaking alone time in the hammock with books and popsicles
writing about volkwagen buses for the second issue
crushing on john krasinski and questlove
indulging in cherry snow cones
throwing pretty sheets over big messes
then pretending the messes don't exist
basking in church basement sale victories
and the purchase of one very rad banana seat bike
feeling ridiculously proud of that guy I married
and the first childrens book he illustrated
blowing through packs of film at an alarming rate
perfecting my skeeball game
slicing up watermelon
missing lightning bugs
writing about home
salivating over the promise of so many backyard blackberries
constructing lego-shaped birthday cakes
maybe spending too much time at target
inventing reasons to order polka-dotted cupcake liners
and little plastic cupcake toppers and other stuff
loving the way my home looks through her eyes
stuffing the magical jar of thinking full of golden words
listening to the new one from mos
planning a monumental trip back home
thinking a good tailor might be the answer
trying to establish a more productive work flow
and sort of failing
wishing a few good films would get here already
thinking about the perfect day
loving the way the sun hangs on for hours these days
contemplating colors for toenails
overthinking it, actually
slowly chipping away at the list
feeling totally blissed out about summer

I've been a little busy.


  1. I love your lists...it's almost on a parallel to a diary entry...love it!

  2. Your lists are perfect. They really make my day.

    P.S- I'm glad you like the photos.

  3. I love John Krasinksi, as well.

  4. Great to read your lists, always thoughtful and full of grace. New to blogging, not many do it in the UK, so lack community, however you are one of the first ones I go to for inspirations, keep up the good work. Dawn x

  5. may be busy...but seems so wonderfully full:)

  6. ah, yes! another magical list.

    what is the what is wonderful, although i had to put it down sometimes, just to cry a bit, then i'd come right back.

    and, we are awaiting the same films!
    and, i want zooey deschanel's voice and bike, please.

  7. love to read you so much. It is my treat at the end of day : computer in bed!

  8. 5oo days of Summer looks intriguing.

  9. I love your lists !!! thanks for sharing.

  10. I like this wistful post. Your ballet/dance connection is cool, I'm currently writing a story about a ballerina based on my childhood dreams.

    Hope you can stop chez moi.

  11. I love your list, I love what's on your list. They are perfect and endearing.

  12. love this list - and the red sandals.

  13. your enthusiasm is contagious. your list celebrates all the right things. thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful list and beautiful blog. My sister just told me that since she has been blog stalking you forever from AZ and since I just moved to Portland that I am in charge of stalking you in real life.


  15. Thanks so much for including Bake It Pretty in your wonderful list! :)

  16. speaking of "the list"....the waffle cart was visited by myself and five little girls and one sweet dog....TOTALLY worth it...you need to go soon :)

  17. Okay. You're excused. New Mos Def, huh? I'm so outta the loop.

  18. Love this list, sweetie. Can we co-crush, on ?questlove... Pretty please. I love me some him! ; )

  19. your lists make me so happy.
    happy first day of summer eve-eve!!

  20. ms. hula, you are one awesome egg !

  21. ps. just purchased issue 2 of Uppercase. Can't wait ! The cover is wonderful :)

  22. i have fallen hard for u, your blog, your fotos. wow!!! so inspiring. i luv that u are a dancer, a mother, a thinker, a true artist to the core. wow, wow, wow! i'm stunned by your beauty, your passionate soul and all that you share! what a gift.

  23. you are the one with chops, my friend.
    dear me...you have GOT to meet tony and michael. i will be insanely jealous, wishing i could be there, too, but you HAVE to meet them!

    love the idea of covering messes. lovelovelove!

    you and yours are exceptional in so many ways, my dear friend. thank you for being so inspirational.

  24. I love your lists and also John Krasinski, hiding in hammocks, red sandals, and anything designed to make cupcakes even cuter.

  25. ANd here i was, depressed and worrying about my house being clean. you have inspired me.
    it is summertime, G damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My list is in progress as of RIGHT NOW.
    "Finally clean floors" is not on it!!!

  26. I DID order those cupcake liners and I love them. I used them for my baby girl's 1st birthday, but I feel like making cupcakes everyday cause they are so cute.
    I love you lists. They make want to make lots of my own lists. Or at least put them down somewhere, cause I have lots in my head all the time.
    Your blog is great!

  27. I had those sandals, only mine were blue. I made my list too. My zinnias, that I planted from seed, are now blooming (though they are orange instead of the green I expected). I am going to order black and white polka dot cupcake liners, for a friend who always wears b&w polka dots...just waiting for the site (acupcakery) to restock. I love Skee ball.

  28. Like to make list myself.
    Just love your list.
    Wish I can see all these films here in France!

  29. I like the concept of your "I've been" list--the focus on what you have been doing versus what needs doing. How gratifying. I feel as though my lists always focus on things that must be done and rarely on all that's been accomplished. I'm currently working on my "41 before 42" (turning 42 in Nov) list. I was inspired by Tiny Abstraction's "31 things to do..." list and it seems she was inspired by you. Thank you for your thoughtful lists.

  30. hey lady, (i know i'm commenting all over, i'm catching up from two months abroad) regarding your vw writings, you might enjoy poking around here: http://web.me.com/bob.jen/Site/about_the_CLF_.html
    it's my mister's gig - he restores old vw's (kelly rae's orange crush was his project he sold to them)...thought you might like seeing some of his :)