28 July 2013

this party is not wanting to end

because I don't know what I was thinking with a five-day super happy 2-for-1 sale when I am so clearly a seven-day sale kind of girl. seven is my number, seven is my joint. so three more days for the unofficially annual summer super happy 2-for-1 sale, which will (seriously for real) end at midnight (PST) on tuesday, july 30th.

I don't know about you but I like summer.

23 July 2013

how bout some super happy

unofficial annual super happy 2-for-1 summer salefolks! well, because it's summer. and I think you all know how I feel about summer.

buy one print, get one free. buy two, get two. three, four, five and so on and so forth. to further sweeten the pot, new prints have been addedwith love, with so much love. here's how it works: order the print (or prints) you'd like and then, in that super handy 'message to the seller' box, tell me which print (or prints) you'd like as your freebies. special runs five days only-- today, july 23rd through saturday, july 28th. 

fyi, I have been known to slip a little extra summer somethin in with the super happy sale prints. just sayin.

20 July 2013

week of the polaroid

aka 'roid week: I get out, I shoot, I share. and then I get lost in the 'roid week pool, image after image of instant spectacular. I'll tell you, my flickr favorites have never been so happy. inspiration for days! exclamation point!

comes but once a year, friends. feels like the last bastion of true internet community.

(my offerings for the week are here)

09 July 2013

list forty-five: a summer manifesto

these are

(as inspired by one of my favorite list makers, the incomparable mollie greene)

I will play records in the backyard

I will pick berries til my fingers are stained

I will bake things with said hand-picked berries

I will take walks with my husband

I will hang my sheets outside to dry

I will wear my skirted bathing suit with pride

I will take the kids to the drive-in

I will watch scary movies with ava

I will watch action movies with ezra

I will have money stashed for the occasional ice cream truck

I will share jars of flowers from my garden with my friends

I will play two square with ezra for longer than five minutes

I will get up early to hit the yard sales with ava

I will paint my fingers and toes varying shades of aqua

I will jump through sprinklers

I will ride my bike during magic hour

I will read books outside

I will cross a few things off the list

I will insist on the cherry snow cone

I will insist on the cherry-dipped ice cream cone

I will help ava transform her room

I will not cry when she turns thirteen

I will talk into fans, I will pretend I am darth vader

I will make room for small adventures

I will say yes to bubbles

I will say yes to water balloons

I will always say yes to the park

I will always have popsicles in the freezer

I will stop worrying about things I can't control

I will put it in his hands

I will dream about lightning bugs

I will swim in the ocean