15 September 2012

downtown collected

when in doubt, downtown. downtown is my happy place, my go-to inspiration place. didn't realize just how much until I began to pull images from all the downtown walks I've taken over the last the six months. downtown, again and again.

there's a song, you know. not that you'll find me singing it. I have, however, been known to hum it.

10 September 2012

this is what it is

"above all, I craved to seize the whole essence, in the confines of one single photograph, of some situation that was in the process of unrolling itself before my eyes." -henri cartier-bresson

04 September 2012

last of the last

I'm not ready for fall. even though this has been the hardest summer of my life. I'm not ready for late evening light to end, for the cicadas to stop with their singing. not ready to give up popsicles that melt and drip down the side of your arm and flowers that grow waist high and wild with color. I am the girl who doesn't want the party to end. 

I'm not ready to face the changes that lay ahead. unthinkable, unspeakable changes. I want to turn and run in the opposite direction, run until I can't anymore, til my lungs catch fire and my legs buckle. I'm not ready to say goodbye.