30 August 2010

this week

way behind with the whole 52 lists project and the only way to catch up is to post lists all this week. really, it's the only way. so that's what I'm going to do.

I suspect list burnout by the end of the week but dear people, it must be done.

25 August 2010

manzanita magic

the accompanying images for list twenty-two and the very reason polaroid cameras were invented.

17 August 2010

less ebb, more flow

I should probably not write at four in the morning after watching infomercial after infomercial. I should not write while I am wondering whether or not I can live without a steam cleaner, an airbrush cosmetics system or the magic bullet. or the kymaro body shaper. or the hawaii chair. in the deepest pockets of the night, these things look magnificent to me. the truth is that we've been on the road for awhile. I'm floating in that magic vacation bubble and I don't want to go home. but it's time to go home. my head is spinning with stories and ideas and there's a fat stack of polaroids begging to be scanned and so many undeveloped rolls of film. and my list project is all. off. schedule. this is usually the part where I say I don't know where to start.

so I'll skip that part and start with my new dansko sandals. because I love them more than all the infomercial products in the world. even more than the kymaro body shaper. and I love that they're covered with a fine layer of the kind of dust that comes from getting in and out of the car to buy gas station slushies and take photographs of roadside everything. because really, that's just about the best kind of dust there is.

11 August 2010

super epic party edition

super epic rainbow party, folks. it's a lot to take in, I know. but I could not help myself.

p.s. click on individual images for party deets. also, the full set is here.

07 August 2010

photobooth friday

photobooth friday on a saturday because I'm on the road and have lost all track of time. checkit, my covet column in the latest issue of uppercase is all about photobooths. also on the pages: vintage trailers, espo's love letters to philly, nina invorm's crazy colorful studio, delancey and vintage luggage labels. oh the love I have for this issue. THE LOVE.

in other photobooth-related news:

my pal brandon's awesome new photomaton and photomaton lite apps. people, I think I'm finally going to have to break down and get an iphone.

a really rad photobooth contest by the folks over at the art of waiting that I am totally going to miss if I don't get my act together.

03 August 2010

number 34

number 34 off the list and you should know that the super epic rainbow cake was totally the inspiration for ava's super epic rainbow birthday sleepover.

something else you should know: I did not bake this cake from scratch. I mean, that was my original plan but sometimes things just do not go according to plan. and so two white cake mixes and one box of assorted gel food coloring later and voila: super epic rainbow cake. my version, anyway.

it's a very tall cake. therefore, precarious.

also, once the frosting is on, it's completely unassuming. we decided early on to keep the whole rainbow thing a secret and did not tell the guests about the cake beforehand. you know, for maximum effect.

so when I finally cut into the cake, it was sort of like when oprah gave out brand new cars on her show and the women in the audience lost their minds.

for a second, I was oprah. except with a gaggle of nine year-old girls and a six layer rainbow cake. let me tell you, that moment alone was totally worth all the hard work.


(photos from the super epic rainbow party coming soon)