07 August 2010

photobooth friday

photobooth friday on a saturday because I'm on the road and have lost all track of time. checkit, my covet column in the latest issue of uppercase is all about photobooths. also on the pages: vintage trailers, espo's love letters to philly, nina invorm's crazy colorful studio, delancey and vintage luggage labels. oh the love I have for this issue. THE LOVE.

in other photobooth-related news:

my pal brandon's awesome new photomaton and photomaton lite apps. people, I think I'm finally going to have to break down and get an iphone.

a really rad photobooth contest by the folks over at the art of waiting that I am totally going to miss if I don't get my act together.


  1. If there was one word that meant yay! + lovely + color + life + delicious, I would put that one word right here.

  2. 5 seconds. that's how long it took me to purchase that app.

    also? i am *really* bummed that i didn't get in early with a subscription to uppercase. totally missed out on all that fun :(

  3. Love Uppercase. They always seem to be synchronized with all the people I like. Now if only I could find a back issue of #1.

    P.S. lovin' the prints I bought from you on Etsy. I'm going to hang this weekend.

  4. I desperately need an iphone (or for the dang iTouch to come out with a camera). I'm sure you are aware of the hipstamatic app on iphone?

    I digress, what I have really been wanting to ask you for a long time is how do you find the photobooths? I went to the mall today thinking there would of course be one there, but had no idea where to look, asked a few bewildered teens and then had to cut the whole trip short b/c the kiddies needed sleep.

    So, where do I get photobooth radar? Thanks!

  5. OH! I like this app. I like it a lot!
    Thanks for the hook up.

  6. Your parties are amazing. Also upprcase looks fantastic, shame shipping to the UK is above my budget, boooh.