18 October 2010

oh san francisco

looking at last december's polaroids of san francisco and I am giddy.

16 October 2010

photobooth friday

so last december, I took a little trip to san francisco to see what I could see and visit the people I love. one of the things that happened while I was there is that leslie and I finally got our photobooth strip. after two years and several failed attempts, we finally got our photobooth strip. at a vintage shop on haight street (no less) and not before we tripped the power circuit two, maybe three times and shut down the power on our side of the store. I'd like to think it happened because we were just so stunning and electric that the photobooth freaked out and shut down. though I'm pretty sure it was because said photobooth was old and the wiring in the store was wack. but whatever, I'm going with option A. a little fantasy never hurt anyone.

anyway, I'm excited for next week-- for the show, the workshop, for san francisco. and I'm excited to see the people I love. the countdown is so on.

15 October 2010

list twenty-eight: things to do this fall

list twenty-eight

1. paint nails burgundy.

2. photograph spiderwebs.

3. make self sick on candy corn.

4. ride bike down tree-lined streets.

5. make butternut squash soup.

6. purchase cayenne-colored scarf.

7. fill buckets with apples and pears.

8. hit the big tree swing.

9. build the season's first fire.

10. resurrect vintage brown clogs.

11. score big at school carnival cake walk.

12. hit rasmussen's farm.

13. dig into sufjan's new one.

14. make things with leaves.

15. carve pumpkins.

16. mull cider.

17. bring out the pink wig.

18. watch halloween with that guy I like..

19. bake banana bread.

20. bake more banana bread.

21. plan imaginary overnight train trips.

22. cut the last of the cosmos.

13 October 2010


on the tenth day of the tenth month of 2010, we found ourselves in the hospital. everyone is okay-- namely ezra, who was having great difficulty breathing saturday night. I do believe the whole ordeal shaved a year or two off my life. I'd planned to take a photograph on this most auspicious day and while I never saw the whole emergency room thing coming, that's how the day went down.

10.10.10: sunday afternoon after the worst of it was over. kids playing on the hospital bed, the cot I slept in, ward's crossed legs. thank goodness for big purses where cameras are thrown in and forgotten about until you really need them. thank goodness for terrific doctors and nurses and thank goodness ezra is okay.

08 October 2010

plus brown

and finally, friday's brown.

last day of poppytalk's autumn color week= boo. but friday= YAY.

07 October 2010

plus red

thursday's red and I never get tired of color week. never. not ever.

06 October 2010

yellow plus orange

poppytalk's autumn color week is in full swish and I'm so late to the party. like, totally late. I missed monday's green but I'm here now and I have tuesday's yellow.

and wednesday's orange. tomorrow, I'll have thursday's red. and then friday's brown. if all goes as planned, that is.

05 October 2010

thanks, peeps

the workshop filled up in about 24 hours and I sort of can't believe it. thanks to all who signed up. and to those who wanted to sign up, who still want to sign up or even contemplated signing up. it's possible I'll be hitting a city near you. if you're interested in bringing through the viewfinder to your neck of the woods, gimme a holla. things be cookin.