30 April 2009

from arkansas with love

listener is coming to a town near you. and he is awesome.

personally, I like someone who can take the stage barefoot, talk about things like people who swallow handfuls of night and somehow (seamlessly) work in a little trumpet playing. all while paving the way for talk music. my kind of musician.


27 April 2009

whaddup knitta

first piece of guerilla knitting spotted recently downtown. probably not from an original crew but still. very exciting and completely rad. rogue knittas of the world, I love you. if I could knit, this is totally what I'd be doing.

on an unrelated (though totally relevant) note, there's this. I think it should be on billboards. I think it deserves to be said over and over and over. and I think it probably needs to be said loudly. preferably very loud.

21 April 2009

yay! (part one)

a few things you will find on the pages of the absolutely fantastic premiere issue of uppercase, a magazine for the creative and curious:

a cherry red typewriter

a treehouse extravaganza

a brilliant use for a balloon

candy-like vintage typewriter ribbon tins

reinterpreted book covers

whirlers and twirlers plus the ten commandments of square dancing

rad poster designs

beauty in the unfinished

a spectacular polka dot umbrella

the healing properties of cupcake decorating

the humble nature of the paper towel

peewee herman versus shakespeare

tear-out art involving colorful spherical balloons and bubble ink drawings

the most lovable monsier character ever

a piece on record players written (and photographed) by yours truly

I'm telling you right now that I am gaga over uppercase. even if I wasn't a contributor, I'd still be gushing like a school girl and that is no lie. get your copy here, peeps. you'll not be sorry, I promise you that.

p.s. processes (like hangers) can be pretty.

17 April 2009

hangers are pretty

see, what happened was I got tired of looking at pictures of peeps. and then I sort of got tired of eating them too. which is when marginally random photographs of secondhand swimsuits on hangers come in quite handy.

I will write something with some sort of depth and meaning soon. please stand by.

15 April 2009


I've been eating peeps. happily, methodically.

14 April 2009

I've been:

wallowing in the aftermath
contemplating red, aqua, pink
eating lemon curd straight out of the jar with a tiny baby spoon
learning about legos
struggling to keep up
loving daffodils in vases
spotting birdie nests with ezra
scrambling to meet deadlines
singing out loud
turning the house upside down
organizing art supplies
reading and watching
painting walls white
hand-mending an old quilt top with an unimaginable number of holes
wishing for magic dresses
dreaming of balconies and fire escapes
making paper collages with ava
photographing strangers again
anticipating pink heady blooms
developing roll after roll of film
feeling horribly inadequate
waiting for something good
swiping orange jelly beans from easter baskets that are not mine
crushing flower petal confetti underfoot
drowning in laundry
praying for sun

03 April 2009

photobooth friday

how is it that I am not in chicago this weekend for the international photobooth convention? because how great would it be to be at the photobooth convention today on photobooth friday? how rad would that be? very.

but my resources are tapped and I've done more traveling in one month than I ever thought possible. I probably ought to sit still for a minute. but holy smokes, I'd like to be there. I really really would. instead, I'll be living vicariously through all you chicago peeps who choose to do me proud and represent. please do report back with vivid, complicated details. because vicarious living is in the fine details, you know.

p.s. I dig the poster yes I do.

p.p.s. I do not own the sombrero pictured above. though someday I hope to.

01 April 2009

I think I will talk in pictures

for a while, just for a little while. because I'm telling you, I have lived a years' worth of happy in about 30 days. easily. I am still processing processing processing. so I think I will talk only in pictures for a while. just until the words come. which should be shortly. I think. I hope.

oh, and lists. there might be a few lists.