25 February 2015

o r a n g e

orange 06

orange 03

orange 04

orange 05

orange 01

orange 02

last week's orange: new eyes over new landscapes (with thanks to mr. proust), emergency tulips, favorite diner, absolute favorite, essie in fear or desire (or a shade I like to call I'M TRYING FEBRUARY, I REALLY REALLY AM), fraction of a favorite mural and just off ponce, a sky half full of orange.

(now swimming in blue, last of the last of the color//colours)

(as always, more color//colour here and here)

19 February 2015

g r e e n

green 06

green 01

green 04

green 05

green 03

green 02

last week's green: new orleans throwback, green grass reading (the best kind of reading), a bridge I miss so much it hurts, succulents gone wild, the last of ezra's class valentines (no fancy red hearts, nary a one) and an unexpectedly perfect wall.

(currently knee deep in orange)

(as always, more color//colour here and here)

10 February 2015

p i n k

pink 01

pink 04

pink 02

pink 03

last week's pink: a dream-worthy front stoop, an old neighborhood favorite, an excuse to eat cupcakes, an argument for the unexpected, a door to walk through again and again and again.

as always, more color//colour here and here and I'll tell you, this place is my new happy place times one thousand.

05 February 2015

y e l l o w

yellow 07

yellow 02

yellow 04

yellow 05

yellow 01

last week's yellow: parking lot concrete, gallery salutations, lovely mission details, sunshine box collection, the most perfect yellow that ever did exist, saguaro dreaming, a road sign for everyone.

knee deep in pink at the moment-- more color//colour lovers with xanthe here, follow along/play along over on instagram if you like.