12 June 2014

the phone photography project

oh hey

honored to be a special guest contributor for the phone photography project 2, friends. 28 days of photo tips, app tutorials and general iphone photography goodness. I will admit to slaving over a fifteen minute video (where I talk about the hows/whys of my personal iphone photography process/practice). I will admit that the making of it was way out of my comfort zone, that I almost pulled my hair out in the process but I will also admit that now that I've finished it, I'm a little bit of proud of it. I sort of poured my heart into it. and so did a whole host of lovely teachers, which you can read more about here.

if you're looking to learn a little more about crafting images with your iphone, this is a pretty terrific place to start. more information and/or sign up here, if you please. class starts july 17th, yo.

09 June 2014

summer color//colours are for lovers

back with my girl xanthe for another round of color//colour lovers, a project we started to battle winter whilst living in relentlessly grey, rainy cities.

and now it's summer (well, almost) and really, it's color season. this is when all the best colors come out to play, this is when they run rampant.

state fairs, fruit stands, beach umbrellas, farmers markets, wild flowers, road trips. this is color//colour hunting season, folks.

we would love for you to play along, if you are so inclined. we'll be sharing images on instagram, on the blogs and over at our shared color//colour happy place. join us however/wherever you like, jump in and out whenever you like. on the instagrams and the twitters, use the hashtag #colorcolourlovers and the color of the week hashtag because sharing is caring, friends. I am not a fan of the hashtag (I am maybe a little notorious for it) but this is serious business. we need to see the colors. all of the colors.

seven weeks of color//colour, here we go:

RED: week one//monday, june 9th
YELLOW: week two//monday, june 16th
PINK: week three//monday, june 23rd
GREEN: week four//monday, june 30th
PURPLE: week five//monday, july 7th
ORANGE: week six//monday, july 14h
BLUE: week seven//monday, 21st

red is up! off to find it. bye.

08 June 2014

365 days ago

one year ago, we stood in the jardin du luxembourg, at the edge of the pool where all the wooden toy boats with the bright-colored cotton sails float back and forth, back and forth. on our last day in paris, we stood in that afternoon sun and she pointed the SX-70 at me and I pointed the holga at her and there we were. paris. still, we ask each other if it was real, if it really happened. and then we take out the photographs and we look and we remember.

06 June 2014

day of the donut

because it's national donut day. because annie's is the best donut shop in the city. in the state, in the country, maybe even the world. because I'm currently swimming in portland nostalgia. with just eleven days til we hit the road, I'm scrambling like a crazy person to see and do all the things. and I'm struggling with how to tell the city just how much I love her. I'm stupidly stuck with where to start.

I am also prone to dramatics but whatever. let's start with donuts.

04 June 2014

rainbow town












the words, they escape me. but the colors, they do not. I brought some home from a recent trip to san francisco, slipped them in my pocket like candy. other things I brought home: a few polaroids, a few rocks from china beach, an old straw hat (gifted), an old mamiya/sekor (thrifted) plus strawberry-stained clothing, sunkissed skin. I crossed number 40 off the list and learned that the friends who will voluntarily get naked with you in somewhat public places (aka the japanese communal baths) are the friends you keep forever and ever amen. the ones who do not laugh when you tell them you've never made whipped cream from scratch (never, not ever, not once) are the good ones. the friends who will sit at the beach and talk and dig through rocks, even when they have a million other things to do, the ones who will brave holiday and/or parade traffic on a weekend for you, are the keepers. I have a few keepers in that city they call san francisco, I have a few golden ones. girls, you know who you are.

p.s. speaking of collecting colors and good people, xanthe and I are back with color//colour lovers. round two starts next week and you can play along, if you like. details to come.

02 June 2014

hello june

hello, june

hello, month of monumental change. hello, edge where we are perched. hello, double-digit birthdays and eighth grade graduations and goodbye dinners (and breakfasts and lunches). hello, bittersweet feels. hello, open highways and rolled-down windows and dusty feet up on the dash and extra large cherry slushies. hello, days filled with the seeing of things. hello, late evening light and the return of the sun. hello, happy strawberry times. hello, land where the lightning bugs come out in june and flicker at dusk. hello, home.