30 July 2008

and then, on the way home

tying up the loose end that is/was san francisco. holy smokes with the highway 101 and all there is to see along the way. we stopped about every five miles and you might think I'm kidding but I am not. between paul bunyan's giant boot and the spectacular pacific ocean and beach caves and hippie farmers markets and emus (yes, emus) and the giant-sized redwood drive-through trees, well, we never really stood a chance. it took us five days to get home. okay, not really. but many many hours. many many many hours.

it's been a little quiet here lately, yes I know. oh friends. so much going on. most of it good, a tiny bit not so good. and the postcard swap, I know. I am slow in pulling it all together this year but it's happening, I promise, it's happening.

13 July 2008

thursday, thursday plus photobooth friday

for the record: this is the one where ezra refuses to cooperate. which, I think, makes for a more dynamic composition. but whatever. we dragged that kid all over the place. we should have known that once he'd had enough he'd pull out the big guns and refuse to participate in the happy family show we had going in the booth. smart kid, that ezra. he knows my weaknesses, he knows how to bargain. what it cost me: two more quarters (for him) plus a modest-sized chunk of my patience. but I got my san francisco photobooth strip, yes I did.

and while we were wandering the great aisles of the musee mecanique, I ran into he of the spectacular photobooth skills. he was standing on a small ladder, repairing one of the vintage arcade games. I recognized him immediately. really, how could I not? I introduced myself and we proceeded to engage in a lively conversation regarding what else? photobooths. naturally.

ah, musee mecanique. where the antique arcade games are somewhere between mildly creepy and absolutely charming.

thursday was also a day for double decker carousel rides.

and a new someone for the stranger project

plus, plenty of souvenir shopping

and of course, cable car rides.

more photobooth friday here. and I promise I'm almost done with this san francisco love affair. I promise.

09 July 2008

wednesday, wednesday

yes, still with all the san francisco business. I am one step away from inviting everyone I know over to my house for a slide show. not that I'm proud of that but my intentions are solid. really, they are.

so, two weeks ago on a wednesday and why the mission neighborhood is sort of beating out chinatown as my favorite:

laundry that sings

climbing flowers that seem to glow plus tasty breakfasts with super rad pals named lisa

shoes that are cute plus lunches at sweet mexican places places with extremely lovely people like mati and kelly rae


good lord, the murals

and the street art

good lord, the street art

really, color at every corner

ridiculous, maybe even ridonculous

and the thrift stores

I mean, really

just look at what ten dollars brought home

plus, there's fruit

which I realize is pretty much everywhere and not exactly unique to the area

but mission fruit is probably special

because I don't know

it just is.

(also swaying my vote: places where mopping is an accepted daily practice)

03 July 2008

tuesday, tuesday

things learned on a tuesday:

wind-blown hair is the secret

sun-drenched kitchens are not to be underestimated

cars like pearl are to be loved and shamelessly adored

breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

especially when prepared by a professional breakfast-cooker

ferry rides are magic

as are most carousel rides

mexican coca cola is so much better

riley has the eye

cupcakes are the second most important meal of the day

never leave a fruit stand empty-handed

always, always run to catch the ferry

even if you don't think you're going to make it

because chances are, you will

02 July 2008

monday, monday

hello monday, hello chinatown. to be fair, other places were visited that day too. big places that shan't take a back seat to anyone, anyplace, anything. still, chinatown won me over. though she's running neck and neck with the mission. it's a tight race, my friends. it's my kind of race.

paper lanterns everywhere

faded, slightly swaying

colors colors

and the frenzied flap of pigeon wings

the click and slide of small game pieces, bits of conversation in a language I wish I understood

shops with so much jingly jangly, tiny aisles packed from floor to ceiling with satin pouches, plastic souvenirs, waving pink ceramic kitties, glass bowls stacked generously in every corner

shops with parasol-covered ceilings, silk umbrellas hovering overhead like neon moths

again with all the color

sweet lotus cakes and butterfly cookies, how could we have lived so long without tasting you? I imagine the world is filled with things like this


totally unrelated but taking place on the very same day:

visits to places where people have big, bright ideas

and speaking of bright ideas:

and speaking of big places:

hello sweet golden gate bridge, hello spectacularly cold wind, hello me as seen through the eyes of my favorite person

hello there san francisco

yes, monday was a big day.