02 July 2008

monday, monday

hello monday, hello chinatown. to be fair, other places were visited that day too. big places that shan't take a back seat to anyone, anyplace, anything. still, chinatown won me over. though she's running neck and neck with the mission. it's a tight race, my friends. it's my kind of race.

paper lanterns everywhere

faded, slightly swaying

colors colors

and the frenzied flap of pigeon wings

the click and slide of small game pieces, bits of conversation in a language I wish I understood

shops with so much jingly jangly, tiny aisles packed from floor to ceiling with satin pouches, plastic souvenirs, waving pink ceramic kitties, glass bowls stacked generously in every corner

shops with parasol-covered ceilings, silk umbrellas hovering overhead like neon moths

again with all the color

sweet lotus cakes and butterfly cookies, how could we have lived so long without tasting you? I imagine the world is filled with things like this


totally unrelated but taking place on the very same day:

visits to places where people have big, bright ideas

and speaking of bright ideas:

and speaking of big places:

hello sweet golden gate bridge, hello spectacularly cold wind, hello me as seen through the eyes of my favorite person

hello there san francisco

yes, monday was a big day.


  1. First of all, I think your blog is simply beautiful. Secondly, I bought a Nikon D40 recently and I hope I can take pictures that are half as lovely as yours?

    What is your background in photography because your photos are so stunning and vibrant; I'm mesmerized!

  2. hola!
    came accross your blog thru sfgirl by the bay. lovely, Im enjoying all your color-packed fotos. fantastico!
    ill be cheeckin in again for sure.
    from the san francisco fog blanket

  3. Such great shots! Glad to see that you made it to chinatown! It's so magical... Did you notice that every area of the city has a different atmosphere??

  4. these take my breath away!

  5. Wowza! Beautiful shots! That is some serious eye-candy.

  6. i know i've said this before. but i just absolutely love seeing the world through your lens. and san francisco is no exception!

  7. What a beautiful post. Just awesome. Thanks for sharing...

  8. i'm loving all of the colors. so fun to see san fran through your eyes. the portrait of you is a beauty by the way. xo

  9. I used to live there. Talk about making a girl miss a place. Your photos are magic. xo.

  10. I recently found your most lovely blog. Thanks for sharing all of this gorgeousness!

  11. yes. beautiful. you have an amazing grasp on beutiful things in life. thanks for sharing.

  12. I lived in SF for 6+ish years and am really starting to miss it, especially seeing through your gorgeous vibrant pictures! I hope I get to go back for another stay someday!

  13. What an exquisite post! Wonderful and inspirational - I love every single photograph in it.

  14. Thanks for giving me a new view of my city. I've been in a little bit of a runt, and often walk through town not seeing anything new. Now I remember that there is something to see everywhere!

  15. i love this post. i spent a lot of time here as a kid...especially at the park where all the old men (and now ladies!!) sit and play games. there used to be an old wooden playhouse /slide structure there...now gone.):
    great images...beautiful portrait of you!

  16. wow!!!
    I absolutely adore your blog and the way that you see the world, your pictures are beautiful and inspiring!!
    You look fabulous in that pic by the golden gate bridge! Happy 4th!!

  17. you're makin me cry.
    one of my old favorite haunts.
    so many memories there.

  18. You have SUCH an eye for beauty!

  19. You must know this by now, but you are an amazing blogger. Most people would try to give us highlights of their trip and miss so many of the little joys. Or, they would throw their hands up in dispair. You - oh, you. A day at a time view - perfect! I'm lovin' it!

  20. I love these photos and the new ones as well! Your photos are always very inspiring. Love the colors!!

  21. Oh, isn't Pixar great?! Love visiting there.

  22. great photos as usual...and beautiful photo of you Andrea. --zo_irish

  23. the colors in your photos are mouth-watering!

  24. I took pretty much that same photo of the Chinatown post—by accident, I pointed my camera down and found it in the viewfinder. Love your photos and your blog. I've been reading off an on for a few months.