09 July 2008

wednesday, wednesday

yes, still with all the san francisco business. I am one step away from inviting everyone I know over to my house for a slide show. not that I'm proud of that but my intentions are solid. really, they are.

so, two weeks ago on a wednesday and why the mission neighborhood is sort of beating out chinatown as my favorite:

laundry that sings

climbing flowers that seem to glow plus tasty breakfasts with super rad pals named lisa

shoes that are cute plus lunches at sweet mexican places places with extremely lovely people like mati and kelly rae


good lord, the murals

and the street art

good lord, the street art

really, color at every corner

ridiculous, maybe even ridonculous

and the thrift stores

I mean, really

just look at what ten dollars brought home

plus, there's fruit

which I realize is pretty much everywhere and not exactly unique to the area

but mission fruit is probably special

because I don't know

it just is.

(also swaying my vote: places where mopping is an accepted daily practice)


  1. i've been waiting and waiting and checking and checking and was reWARDED this morning w/ 'WEDnesday'!!! yippy skippy! loving the 'thrifted items'. makes me itch to thrift. itch itch itch.



  2. My eyes are happy now that they've seen your Wednesday pics. Your photos are the best eye food ever! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Oh man. Man oh man. Thanks for sharing...

  4. What gorgeous pictures! Now I want to go thrifting. I want it badly. Oh, and the laundry on the clothesline? It made me smile :-)

  5. what a beautiful explosion of color and shape!

  6. thank you for reminding me what is only a two hour drive away from me...sometimes I forget I live so close to this amazing place;)

  7. so great to meet you face to face my friend....
    until next time.... xo

  8. Great photos the colors are great and we can tell It was a fun time!

  9. cowabunga! you sooooooo made us wait for wednesday, wednesday. :) xo ox. i had to keep my fingers from clicking over to your flickr site. i am about to buy a new camera. i'm thinking the nikon d40. and there is another Portland pillow fight this saturday:

    There will be a mass pillow fight on July 12th, out in front of
    PIX PATISSERIE on the bastille day block party,
    N Williams Ave at 1:00

    Come one, come all- and here are some tips:
    1. BYOP: Bring your own pillow, preferably feather (for the effect)
    2. Don’t hit anyone without a pillow
    3. Don’t start until the whistle blows at 1:00

  10. Just just just stumbled upon your blog yesterday. Love it. Really, your sense of colour is so inspiring. Straight out of my head and onto the page.

  11. this post is just plain awe-inspiring! I actually felt a little tug at my heart and some moisture in my eyes. you see, I left my heart there, in that beautiful city. thank you for capturing and sharing it's soul.

  12. I love the San Fran picts! I have had this urge to go ever since the beginning of this year...only funds and being on the other coast seem to be limiting it. But now it seems that everyone is going...and taking multitudes of pictures. Must. Go. To. San Francisco!

  13. oh, friend, you are a true talent!

  14. Oh wow, I love all the colors there. I can think of so many buildings in our town that need that spice of color. Absolutely beautiful. I would love walking along that area. I can remember walking to the vegetable stand to pick our supper salad fixins' when I was a child visiting my Aunt in Salina. Oh how I loved that place.
    Thrift stores here just aren't as good as the ones in the western big cities. I miss them....
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. i love the murals...and the street art....and the COLORS!!

  16. theese pics are amazing... i love the colors an shapes!

    thanks. nic

  17. Really enjoyed seeing my city through your colorful eyes! xo

  18. i love seeing san francisco through your eyes! chinatown was always my favorite when i was a little girl.

    you were right in my sister's neighborhood there in the mission. went to all the same places when i was there last.

    mia would love to play with ava. she's in camp all this week, but maybe next?

  19. oh how I love your photography.

  20. I loved the marine blue in ur photos:>all of them are perfect, perfect together

  21. Oh such great- absolutely beautiful photographs! I knew, or at least hoped that you guys would go to thrift town! Did you go out for burritos or see a Mariachi band while in the Mission?

  22. living in the mission, i think, is the greatest, too. it's so neat how well you captured it.