29 September 2017

summer twenty seventeen (two)

favorite summer photographs, part two. part one here, part three on deck.

it's entirely possible I underestimated summer twenty seventeen. 

27 September 2017

summer twenty seventeen (one)

in between my inexplicable (or, in some cases, absolutely explicable) summer melancholy, there were good times. really, really good times.

this is part one of a three-parter, folks. a three-part love letter in favorite photographs, dedicated to all the times this summer I managed to sidestep an electric undercurrent of anxiety and find my way through to the good times.

17 September 2017

sunday seven

in the spirit of those seven non-fiction books meant to get the insides itching and screaming and thundering, here are seven documentaries meant to do the same:

1. I am not your negro (amazon)
4. 4 little girls (amazon)
5. central park five (amazon)
7. 13th (netflix)

we can confront our ugly parts, the ones that are hard to look at, we can.

09 September 2017


ezra, estero island, southern florida, july 2015.

friends, between the flooding of houston, the burning of our beloved columbia gorge last weekend and the possible decimation of southern florida this weekend, I'm at a loss.

04 September 2017

sunday seven

"so, examine your privilege. turn privilege into understanding, and let understanding guide you toward a desire to learn. then when your insides are itching and screaming and thundering for equality, let this desire be funneled into activism." -cara meredith

seven non-fiction books to get the insides itching and screaming and thundering:

1. between the world and me (ta nehisi coates)
2. the fire next time (james baldwin)
3. the new jim crow: mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness (michelle alexander)
4. just mercy: a story of justice and redemption (bryan stevenson)
5. the cross and the lynching tree (james h. cone)
6. the warmth of other suns: the epic story of america's great migration (isabel wilkerson)
7. let nobody turn us around: an african american anthology (manning marable, leith mullings)

we can read, we can educate ourselves. we can.

02 September 2017

everywhere instant

polaroids look and feel like stills from old home movies that play out in my head. I suppose that's why I love them so much.

(selections from polaroid week twenty-seventeen)

(more over at everywhere instant)