31 October 2008

tricks or treats

I love an excuse to wear a pink wig, I do.

happy halloween, friends.

29 October 2008

I have abandoned ship

I am totally cheating on my blog with another. it's true. for the past couple of weeks, I've been guest-posting over at sfgirlbybay, filling in a few gaps while victoria is in thailand.

first I wrote about my love affair with cargo.

then I wrote about how rad susan's place is.

and there's more on the way. I've got more in the hopper. I don't even really know what a hopper is but I like the sound of it. but also, I'll be back here soon. like tomorrow or something. it's just a fling. I swear.

15 October 2008

to hop on a plane

to go anywhere, everywhere. to quickly pack a bag with what first comes to mind. the essentials: a good book, an excellent pen, three different cameras and a tube of lipstick. to let go of tomorrow and feel the plane scream into take off.

to be in an unknown place, if only for a couple of days. where the food tastes different and the words sound different and people wear bright-colored everything. to throw out the maps, the itineraries, to wander for hours and hours for no other reason than to see. to collect scraps of paper, bits of conversations, to look through the lens again and again. to piece it all together and tell the kind of story that deserves a title.

I have been dreaming of this.

07 October 2008

number 37

two months and four days before the year turns over for me, just two short months to work on the list. there are about 22 unfinished items on said list so what have I been doing all year? I don't know. but I have a lot left to do. yesterday I worked on number 37, which should have been a cakewalk except I forgot how awkward I can be with the typewriter. within an hour, I was swimming in a sea of white paper, a mess of partially typed-up lists. picture me hunched over that beautiful little hermes rocket, hunting and pecking to beat the band. but the sounds of an old typewriter are like no other and the jagged rhythm of the clack clack clack sings out the kind of song that makes a house come alive. after an hour or so, I had my list and promptly tacked it up over my old blue desk in the living room. at least there's that. number 37: done. and perhaps the most important item of all, the one I should have done first.

so I think it may have to be about the list this week. items I've actually crossed off the list and such. there are at least six or seven of those. but what should I do next? what? what?

02 October 2008

today's list for tonight

the mister's first solo show
titled 'b-boy'
which is all about the exuberance and ingenuity
of the early golden days of hip hop
downtown at the grassy knoll gallery
a whole room of paintings by that guy I like
a whole room!
plus, a dj and b-boys on hand
to do what djs and b-boys do

and I'm proud, so extremely (almost unbearably) proud
of that guy I like, I love

and um, I have nothing to wear.