29 July 2010

list twenty-three: ten things I love about ava

ava turned ten a couple of days ago. yup, ten. both feet into the next decade and there are a few things I'd like to say:

1. she loves cherry-flavored anything. almost as much as I do.

2. she is able to transform all tiny hidden nooks and corners into magic places.

3. she does not mess around when it comes to fountains and wishes. it's the same every time: she cups the penny with both hands, closes her eyes tight and whispers her wish with an impressive amount of intensity before flinging it into the water. so much hope in her eyes it makes me want to cry.

4. she totally gets why old banana seat bikes are cool.

5. she loses herself in books.

6. she draws pictures that are full of quirky characters and spectacular detail, pictures that tell the kind of stories I wish I could write.

7. she has a super silly side but only lets those closest to her see it.

8. she watches the world with wide open eyes and often sees things I do not.

9. she still lets me read to her at bedtime.

10. she is the girl I always wanted to be. and still do.

(twenty-three down, twenty-nine to go)

22 July 2010

list twenty-two: things learned over the weekend

I spent time at the coast with some of my people this past weekend. I came away feeling totally and completely loved but also, I learned a few things. for example:

1. aqua net works serious wonders.

2. beet salads are the most beautiful salads in the world.

3. I can totally rock sandals with straps across the ankles. and this is really big news. because according to the fashion world, sandals with straps across the ankles break the natural line of the leg, therefore causing those of us who are shorter to look as if our legs have been reduced to unsightly stumps. therefore, not recommended. for years, I really believed this. apparently, the fashion world is wrong about a lot of stuff.

4. a big bowl full of tootsie pops is still a total crowd pleaser.

5. two pregnant bellies are infinitely better than one.

6. bright teal nail polish is so right now.

7. I might need to break down and read twilight.

8. attaching googly eyes to random household items like toilet paper rolls, hair spray cans and chocolate donuts makes for happy people.

9. painting with your hands is the best part.

10. the occasional splurge can always be justified in that it totally invites abundance. totally.

11. myriam's almond cake is magic.

12. blowing through two packs of polaroid film in three days is never a mistake.

13. think big. and when you're done thinking big, THINK BIGGER.

14. sometimes you find religion at the hot dog stand.

15. when in doubt, lionel richie.

(twenty-two down, thirty to go)

15 July 2010

list twenty-one: films I could watch over and over

welcome to my teeny tiny film festival. below you'll find original trailers and favorite clips from films I could watch over and over forever and ever. if you're looking to get lost, today is your lucky day. in no particular order:

1. amelie

2. bottle rocket

3. crooklyn

4. in america

5. man on wire

6. junebug

7. slaves of new york

8. rushmore

9. flirting with disaster

10. muriel's wedding

11. roman holiday

12. bullets over broadway

13. basquiat

14. school of rock

15. fame

(twenty-one down, thirty-one to go)

13 July 2010

number 2: ride the ferris wheel

and we did. about a month ago, when the carnival was in town, we rode the big ferris wheel. all eight of us in one car: me, ward, ava, ezra, my brother, my sister-in-law and my two nieces. did you know that there are no seat belts in those things? that they are totally open air? that if you move your body just the right way the whole car will sway back and forth? PEOPLE, I DID NOT KNOW THIS. I rode the ferris wheel when I was a kid but I do not remember any of this. I remember the whole experience very differently. this time, I could barely stand to open my eyes. at least not until we'd made it around a couple of times. and it's possible I died. two, three, maybe four times. it's possible I had a tiny panic attack. and I'm pretty sure it wasn't good for the kids to see me in such a terrified state but I'm going to be honest here and say that I wasn't really thinking about the kids. though eventually, I did manage to pull myself together. eventually, I opened my eyes my like a normal person and looked out over the city of portland. and I took a few breaths and I took a few photographs but I'm telling you, I did not look down.

despite the terror, it's possible I enjoyed myself. just a tiny bit.

(number 2 from 39 things)

06 July 2010

summer so far

it may seem like we are doing a lot but really, we're not. what we're doing here is a lot of laying around. which is good because when it comes to laying around, we are practically professionals.

02 July 2010


friday! and the last of summer color week. on deck for the weekend: sparklers, water balloons, bike decorating, homemade strawberry cake. also, we shall be lazy. we shall be very very lazy.

how about you?

01 July 2010

red and white

"a camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera."
-dorothea lange