15 July 2010

list twenty-one: films I could watch over and over

welcome to my teeny tiny film festival. below you'll find original trailers and favorite clips from films I could watch over and over forever and ever. if you're looking to get lost, today is your lucky day. in no particular order:

1. amelie

2. bottle rocket

3. crooklyn

4. in america

5. man on wire

6. junebug

7. slaves of new york

8. rushmore

9. flirting with disaster

10. muriel's wedding

11. roman holiday

12. bullets over broadway

13. basquiat

14. school of rock

15. fame

(twenty-one down, thirty-one to go)


  1. dude, you and i? we're film sisters....school of rock, amelie, flirting with disaster...all films that i adore.

    man on a wire i have to see...and i have an amazing book recommendation for you, it's fiction but so amazing and based on the WTC wire walk:

    let the great world spin

  2. oooh. crooklyn. the second oooh child starts i'm audibly sobbing and there's nothing to be done. i LOVE that movie.

  3. kristen, I'm reading that right now! I'm about a 100 pages in and I'm loving it.

    shana, I know, I know. crooklyn. *sigh*

  4. amelie is totally at the top of my list too! just watched Rushmore for the first time last night and loved it, of course. not sure what took me so long.

  5. amelie has been on my list of movies to watch. i really really need to watch it now.

  6. i'm totally bookmarking this list, cause there's a bunch i haven't seen yet. and clearly need to.

  7. Ah, me too! Especially Amelie, In America, School of Rock, Rushmore & Roman Holiday.

  8. What a perfect list! I just went through all the trailers and added all the ones I haven't seen, off to update our Netflix cue! Hope you're well! xo

  9. slaves of new york, basquiat, school of rock, in america, amelie, crooklyn, muriel's wedding, fame…

    Oh my goodness! We have such similar taste in movies! I used to have ‘slaves of new york’ on video and I’d watch it over and over again… I watched ‘fame’ the TV show religiously and even went so far as to write fan mail! Somewhere in storage is a b/w photo of the piano player guy wearing that keyboard scarf!

  10. I just watched Amelie the other day for the first time...eeek I know, years late:) But I found it to be so beautiful, I keep thinking about it.

  11. I'm in love with your entries (but I may be a little biased since I love, love making lists too). I usually jot them down in my notebooks, sketchbooks, etc so I never thought about putting them on my blog. Ah the possibilities! :) I can't wait to see more of your projects. I also really like some of your lists and it makes me think a lot about things I had forgotten about myself. Would you mind if I use some of your list topics? -- I'm very interested in giving this a try for myself. I'll definitely mention your blog. I also love your photos, can't wait to see more <3

    have a great weekend!

  12. amelie & rushmore. oh, yes.

  13. Ah! I just watched Roman Holiday a few weeks ago! Picked it up at Target for $5 and loved it so much! Can you believe the beginning says..."and Introducing Audrey Hepburn"? Wow! I think if I rode a scooter through Rome, it would look a lot like when she did it! LOL!

  14. just discovering your blog and I LOVE IT! doing a list inspired by you today. have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Half of these films are my favorites too. As for the other half? I am beyond excited to have some new favorites! Thanks Andrea!

  16. what a great list. haven't seen basquiat for years. wished claire forlani would have made better movies after this. I need to make this list

  17. SO agreed on number one, I have lost count already with Amelie.

  18. Just updated my wishlist on Amazon, thanks to you ;-)

  19. Thanks for this Andrea.

    There are a few on here i haven't seen. So good to have a list of things to see. I'm definitely going to watch no.6 soon!

  20. great list. and I thought i was the only one to love fame. i actually watched every episode of the original series when i was in middle school. love. Wonderful blog. will be back for more. stay sweet. ♥tlb


  21. ahhh the original Fame, Crookly, Basquiat... great list!

  22. Wow...I've only seen Amelie. Looks like I need to expand my horizons, eh? Thanks for the suggestions :)

    (Moon Face)

  23. fabulous! so totally agree with 'amelie' and now i have a list of films i obviously need to get my hands on. thank you!

  24. "you're terrible muriel..." what a great aussie classic and one of my most memorable movie quotes!!

  25. Ah, such a good list!
    I would probably add Monsoon Wedding. I'm in love with that story and the visuals.
    Now I just want to watch movies all day...

  26. First of all, I love this list. Some I've seen and positively love and many I added to our netflix queue, so thanks for sharing.

    Second, have you seen this graffiti proposal?: http://vimeo.com/13259028
    I know I'm just a reader, but I thought of you and how much you love street art. Just thought I should share in case you hadn't seen it yet.

  27. I am in full agreement with so many of these films! particularly Amelie and man on wire...

    I would have to add the royal tennebaums too..and harold and maude!

  28. I've only seen 4 on this list...I must watch a few of these