31 December 2008

bring the noise

because 2009, she is almost here. we're on the the stoop, knocking at the door. come midnight, it will swing wide open and 2009, she will be on the other side. I am a big fan of these few hours, the ones that lead up to midnight. I like how it feels. plus, I have always been one for ritual, I have always been one for ceremonial hoo-hah.

tonight, I am swimming in brand new lists. I have good news to share. 2009, I am ready for you. are you ready for me? I am so ready for you.

happy new year, folks. 2009, she is big and bright-eyed. 2009, she is almost here.

24 December 2008

the halls, they are decked

am currently steeped in merriment and am absolutely prepared to celebrate. things that have me convinced I might be living in some sort of storybook: fireplace crackling, cookies baking, sufjan singing, children giggling, snow falling.

I'll be back soon with words and images. I'm long overdue, I know. until then, friends. merry christmas to you.

08 December 2008

drum roll, please

well, we threw all 184 numbers into a hat and these are the two that miss ava picked: 33 and 159.

comment number 33 came from rad julia of minecreations (straight outta minneapolis, yo) and comment number 159 came from lovely shannon of old soul designs. you are ze winners, pretty mamas! deets are headed your way today.

thank you thank you thank you for all the kind and congratulatory words, peeps. can't tell you how much it means to me. really, I can't.

p.s. I think ava would like for me to do a giveaway every single day of every single week forever and ever so she can pick little paper numbers out of hats. and who can blame her? it's fun.

04 December 2008

I'm up

and it's sort of a miracle. after two years of thinking about it and several months of talking about it, I finally did it. I'm up on etsy. prints of my photographs are now for sale in le shoppe. and to celebrate said monumental event, I do believe a print giveaway is in order. to enter, leave a comment here (on this particular post) by 11pm PST saturday, december 6th. miss ava will randomly choose two numbers and I'll announce the winners here on monday.

to all who have endlessly, tirelessly encouraged me to do this, I thank you. and yes, you were right.

whew. I'm tired now. and a little nervous. celebrating with a bowl of cereal. something crunchy with dried cherries. it's the only way.

UPDATE: thanks for all your support, peeps. you have no idea how much it means. the comment section is now closed. back on monday with two lucky numbers.

30 November 2008

last day of november

nablopomo, I did the best I could. I tried, really I did. true, I lost a little steam there at the end, but hey. there were milestone birthdays and thanksgiving extravaganzas and sick children in the mix. I did the best I could. and I'm back in the swing of writing and posting photographs (almost) daily and I think that should count for something. um, I'm pretty sure that's the point.

goodbye nablopomo, goodbye november.

hello december. I am ready for you.

29 November 2008

number 15

took a little trip to seattle for ward's big fortieth birthday. because forty deserves something monumental. it's official: we like trains.

(two weeks until 38 arrives and another item crossed off the list)

25 November 2008

am now married to a 40 year-old man

as of yesterday. currently in heavy celebration mode. back soon with details.

happy 40th birthday to the most awesome mister of all time.

23 November 2008

I keep thinking about this one

details: ava, downtown portland, back in april. blouse: a gift from the rad miss frecklewonder.

ah, I keep coming back to this one. photographs like this are why I like cameras.

21 November 2008

photobooth friday

three years ago, I was in new york with my brother. and while I was there, I bought this little photobooth frame at the 39th street fleamarket. let me tell you, I had to dig through hundreds (and hundreds) of old snapshots to find her. but she was totally worth it. these are the ones that you find at the bottom of the box-- they hide in the cracks, slip in and out of envelopes, piles, fingers. surely it would be easier to dump the box upside down and start my search there. problem is, once I see all those old snapshots, I'm as good as gone. I have to look at every single one of them. yes, I do. and yes, how very OCD of me but I'm sorry, it must be done. I only leave with a few but I have to look at every. last. one. someone needs to. story after story after story, so many stories. they are lost people who need to be seen.

this is what I think:

she was an extraordinary speller and favored the scent of wild violets and coffee.

she kept her valuables in a red shoebox beneath the bathroom sink, behind a stack of mismatched towels.

she had a goldfish named ching ching whom she talked to regularly. though only after she was sure everyone had already gone to bed.

this is what I think. but it could change at any moment. because this is how it is with found photographs. their details are wonderfully mercurial and their stories-- as wide open as the sky.

well hello, photobooth friday. hello there.

20 November 2008

highly recommended

thursday's suggestion: draw with your eyes closed. bonus if you're waiting for pizza to arrive and all you have is a paper napkin. ava swears by it.

p.s. the above experiment can be conducted both literally and figuratively.

19 November 2008

number 32

like paper candy, I tell you. ah, moo cards. something I could have crossed off the list back in june when that sweet little white box full of tiny cards first arrived in the mail. already time to order more.

17 November 2008

82nd avenue

everyday, I drive by the car dearlerships on 82nd avenue. everyday, there are balloons. always, every single day. rain or shine. hundreds of them attached to cars, to the tops of chain link fences, to the entrances and exits. to anything and everything, hovering and swaying as the people pass by, totally oblivious to our indifference. they are indefatigable. and okay, a little needy. but that's the thing about balloons. they don't really care how they look.

yesterday, after months and months of driving past said dealerships, I finally decided to stop. I settled on the dealership with the red and yellow balloons. I don't know why but I think it might be my favorite. did you know, there's really no good way to sneak into a car dealership? not in the middle of the day when they're open for business and all six salesmen are standing outside looking for something to do. the plan was to sidle up along the outside and shoot on the sly. no such luck. I was something like ten feet from the entrance and hidden behind a mess of chain link fence (or so I thought) when I saw them coming. omg they're going to kick me off the property! but I'm not even on their property, I thought. technically, I'm standing on the sidewalk and everyone knows the sidewalk belongs to the city. everyone knows the sidewalks are fair game. or something like that. so then I was all set to defend myself and as non-confrontational as I usually am, I was ready for a fight. until I saw smiles. big smiles, white smiles, both of them coming right at me. oh okay, they're going to try to sell me a car. which was exactly what I was hoping to avoid. people, I am no good in this sort of situation. this is because I have been known to give salesmen a false sense of hope.

as it turned out, they just wanted to be in the picture and maybe engage in some harmless flirting. fortunately, these are things I can handle. plus, I had all kinds of questions about the balloons. lucky for me, oscar (whom I'm pretty sure was the owner) was full of answers. oscar, where do all these balloons come from? you are relentless with all the balloons. how do you do it? how do you do this every single day? this must be costing you a fortune. is this costing you a fortune? well, it's our thing, oscar said. we put them out everyday, take them down, pop them all every night and start over in the morning. then he took out his phone and showed me a picture he'd taken earlier that day. he'd strung the balloons up one by one until they disappeared into the sky, little red and yellow dots punctuating an endlessly bright blue sky. that oscar, he was beaming. he said that if I came back in the morning, he'd string them up again, just like that, just for me. better yet, he'd gather them all up in one enormous bunch. because that's something to see, he said. that's a picture you'll want to take. spoken like a true salesman. I'll admit, this charmed me to no end and if I'd had the cash, I might have purchased a used car and driven it off the lot right then and there. but oscar walked away and left me and my polaroid to the business of taking photographs.

oscar, I never got the chance to tell you how much I appreciated you leaving me and my camera alone like that. and hey oscar? I love the balloons. everyday, I love them.

p.s. portland peoples, if you need to buy a car, I have just the place. also, oscar is single and looking.

16 November 2008

am totally

exhausted. more sunday.

15 November 2008

photobooth friday

checkit, in the booth with the one, the only, jek a go-go. she of scrumdillydilly fame. she's the master, she is. and the only person I know who is as kookoo in the head over photobooths as I am. plus, she is the creator and organizer of the brilliant colorriffic swap-o-rama. entire swaps centered around one color or color combination. which is pretty much the best idea ever. she had me sending green goodies to portugal and blue pretties to israel. who does that? jek a go-go, that's who.

besides the mad photobooth skills, she is marvelously rad in real life. just as I suspected. am officially adding her to my small but growing list of 'people who must move to portland'. jek, I like you. I like you a lot.

(in case you missed it, jek's photobooth greatness can be seen here and as always, this group exists to make fridays even better than they already are)

12 November 2008

number 26

number 26, she is finished. by the way, a fruit loop-covered doughnut is a tricky thing to manuever. awkward, unwieldy, totally unsure of herself. I should have known this. I should have known.

over the span of the summer, I hit voodoo doughnuts a total of four different times. once at the classic downtown location (where the miami vice doughnut stole my heart) and three times at the new location just off sandy boulevard. jeffrey yamaguchi, I thought of you. voodoo doughnuts would not disappoint you.

at some point, I was introduced to the most brilliant doughnut of all time: the grape ape. covered with vanilla frosting, purple sprinkles and something akin to grape-flavored pixie stix sugar, this is not a doughnut to be taken lightly. uh, I love this doughnut. more than I'd care to admit. which is why I must closely monitor consumption. am limiting intake to twice a year only. special precautions must be taken. proactive measures. must file this under 'dangerous things'. also on this list: ridiculously cute babies. augie, for instance. too much time around that kid and I want more babies. but I digress.

the cereal-covered doughnut is all showy and stuff but the grape ape, she is something special. she is a doughnut for the 21st century. sweet and sour, slightly crunchy from all that pixie stix sugar. I'm telling you, if loving this donut is wrong I don't want to be right. and I'll thank you not to judge me right now. I'll thank you very much.

11 November 2008


if I could, I'd invite every last one of you over for tea and baked goods. today is a good day to be inside with hot tea and warm baked goods. because (surprise) it's cold and rainy. but I can't really do that so hop on over to cafe mom for a little peek inside my home. many thanks to the lovely sheri for the spotlight. also, she said really nice things about me. she just might be my new BFF.

10 November 2008

100 things in the world I love

1. fake mustaches
2. record players
3. library books
4. avocados
5. art supply stores
6. lightning bugs
7. mexican coca cola
8. subway rides
9. paper lanterns
10. street art
11. lemons
12. typewriters
13. mashed potatoes
14. modern dance
15. crayons
16. roller-skating
17. midnight movies
18. glass jars
19. yard sales
20. mix tapes
21. cotton dresses
22. windows with fire escapes
23. old cameras
24. plane tickets
25. robots
26. lip gloss
27. polaroids
28. apple-bobbing
29. kite-flying
30. farm stands
31. dictionaries
32. bubble gum
33. string lights
34. old gymnasiums
35. elevator buttons
36. striped socks
37. tiny european cars
38. christmas trees
39. braids
40. photographs
41. ferry rides
42. old suitcases
43. chocolate cake
44. black pens
45. laundry lines
46. foreign languages
47. peppermint soap
48. bicycles
49. art museums
50. road trips
51. crazy quilts
52. b-boys
53. sparklers
54. accordians
55. sunlight
56. giant slides
57. seashells
58. clawfoot tubs
59. bluebirds
60. bridges
61. thrift stores
62. bright-colored tights
63. swimming pools
64. fingernail polish
65. public fountains
66. dance class
67. donuts with sprinkles
68. college-ruled notebook paper
69. crushed ice
70. photobooths (duh)
71. cherry anything
72. snow globes
73. old school adidas
74. polka dots
75. open fields
76. postcards
77. attic bedrooms
78. street drummers
79. turquoise rings
80. slumber parties
81. chinese yo-yos
82. daisies
83. flashlights
84. paint chips
85. clover honey
86. silly straws
87. bare feet
88. birthday candles
89. tire swings
90. sugar scrubs
91. india ink
92. ocean waves
93. bubble wands
94. cornbread
95. moonlight
96. super heroes
97. pink flamingos
98. aluminum foil
99. roller coasters
100. fortune cookies

09 November 2008

to all my pdx peoples

totally honored to be participating in this holiday trunk show hosted by the lovely cori kindred. if you're local, please do stop by and say hello. lots of shinyhappy there, I promise.

I miss the shiny

there were two rainies and one shiny today, mama. that's what ezra said to me last week. meaning it rained twice and the sun came out once. it's true, the rain is here. we are currently experiencing our first long stretch of rain here in the great city of portland. and I'm okay. I think. actually, I cried like a baby the first few days and then ward said I was absolutely not allowed to break down this soon into it. the rains have only just begun. so I made a decision: I am meeting it halfway. I'm making a concerted effort. I'm taking the advice so many portlanders have given me in the past and I am getting out in it. the other day, I rode my bike in the rain. which was a mess. my feet kept slipping off the pedals and it was freezing and I couldn't see half the time (what with all that rain in my eyes) but I'll tell you, it felt pretty good. I rode for as long as I could take it, something like a very pathetic seven minutes (if that) but next time I'll go for longer. and I'll remember to wear my fingerless gloves plus maybe a raincoat. but first, I will have to buy a raincoat.

I'm not going to pretend like I don't miss the shiny. the sun comes out every once in a while and I stop everything (and I mean everything) to acknowledge it. I call out the arrival of the sun like a lunatic, like we've not seen it in a hundred years. SUN! SUN! and everyone in the house freezes, unsure of what their next move should be. what should we do? go outside? lay down in it? sing a song about it? and before we can decide, it's gone. just like that.

nothing to do but get on that bike and ride.

08 November 2008

photobooth friday

also, there's a photobooth at the ace hotel. did you know? yes, I thought you did. I had my one dollar bills ready. I am not one to mess around when it comes to these sorts of things. I do not leave change-making to the concierge. 24 hour access to the photobooth and that's no joke, people. no joke.

so the plan was to sneak down to the lobby with ward around three in the morning (in our pajamas) and get in the booth. guess what? I like to sleep. apparently, my love for sleep trumps a midnight run to the booth. this concerns me. I woke up (strangely well-rested) around six and headed straight for the lobby, puffy eyes and all. dang it if there weren't already a slew of moody hipsters milling around, mugs of stumptown coffee in hand. all of them hogging the new york times. too bad I don't drink coffee. I could have used some coffee. but I got my strip and an entire morning of sleep lay before me like the land of milk and honey.

hey, what happened to me and photobooth fridays? I don't know. but I'm back. I'm back, baby.

07 November 2008

numbers 18 and 36 (plus room 400)

last saturday, I surprised ward.

(which would be number 36 off the list)

I surprised him with a night at the ace hotel.

(which would be number 18 off the list)

sort of an unofficial very belated 14th wedding anniversary celebration, if you will. something to make up for the great wall of socks.

yeah, he was surprised.

and yeah, it was pretty fantastic.

that's all I'm going to say.

I do not kiss and tell.

06 November 2008


begin anywhere. (john cage)

04 November 2008

today is the someday

I never talk about politics here. ever. but writing about anything else today would be like ignoring the enormous pink elephant (or donkey) in the room. never has an election felt so electric. never have I felt so excited to vote, never have I felt so nervous about the impending results. in case you're wondering: obama obama obama. but let me tell you, I hate how politics divides our country, our friends, our families. I hate how politics makes people say and do stupid, hurtful things. and if you are someone close to me who is reading this and you don't agree then please, let's talk. because I will drop some science. but lovingly, so lovingly. I will be open to any science you might have to drop too. I have done my research. and I have done the hoping. I will continue to do the hoping and the praying, no matter where we find ourselves tomorrow morning. I am a big fan of hope.

also, the world is watching.

this concludes the political portion of my blog. forever and ever, amen.

number 1

we took a little walk across the broadway bridge.

number one officially crossed off the list.

I think I love bridges.

03 November 2008

into marvelous light

I found myself navigating tree-lined streets. for a second, everything was golden. entire trees screamed out light. leaves like bright yellow slips of paper twisted and flipped and spiraled wildly like so much confetti. I willed one to float in through an open window. I wanted to touch it, hold it up to the sunlight and examine the veins. music filled the car, sufjan's voice like butterscotch candy in my mouth. in that moment, it was everything-- the brilliant colors, the falling leaves, the ornate tattoo on the arm of the man in the truck just in front of me, the girl on the street with the pink balloon. the top of the fremont bridge off in the distance, like an enormous ferris wheel, like the promise of the last carnival. all of these things and all at once. beautifully orchestrated, ridiculously fleeting. and why I believe. God is good. all the time.

01 November 2008

first day of november

and it's the beginning of nablopomo. I intend to post something here everyday this month. which is probably totally unrealistic but whatever. getting back into the swing of writing and posting photographs daily: yes. I am in. like flynn.

hello november, hello nablopomo.

31 October 2008

tricks or treats

I love an excuse to wear a pink wig, I do.

happy halloween, friends.

29 October 2008

I have abandoned ship

I am totally cheating on my blog with another. it's true. for the past couple of weeks, I've been guest-posting over at sfgirlbybay, filling in a few gaps while victoria is in thailand.

first I wrote about my love affair with cargo.

then I wrote about how rad susan's place is.

and there's more on the way. I've got more in the hopper. I don't even really know what a hopper is but I like the sound of it. but also, I'll be back here soon. like tomorrow or something. it's just a fling. I swear.