10 November 2008

100 things in the world I love

1. fake mustaches
2. record players
3. library books
4. avocados
5. art supply stores
6. lightning bugs
7. mexican coca cola
8. subway rides
9. paper lanterns
10. street art
11. lemons
12. typewriters
13. mashed potatoes
14. modern dance
15. crayons
16. roller-skating
17. midnight movies
18. glass jars
19. yard sales
20. mix tapes
21. cotton dresses
22. windows with fire escapes
23. old cameras
24. plane tickets
25. robots
26. lip gloss
27. polaroids
28. apple-bobbing
29. kite-flying
30. farm stands
31. dictionaries
32. bubble gum
33. string lights
34. old gymnasiums
35. elevator buttons
36. striped socks
37. tiny european cars
38. christmas trees
39. braids
40. photographs
41. ferry rides
42. old suitcases
43. chocolate cake
44. black pens
45. laundry lines
46. foreign languages
47. peppermint soap
48. bicycles
49. art museums
50. road trips
51. crazy quilts
52. b-boys
53. sparklers
54. accordians
55. sunlight
56. giant slides
57. seashells
58. clawfoot tubs
59. bluebirds
60. bridges
61. thrift stores
62. bright-colored tights
63. swimming pools
64. fingernail polish
65. public fountains
66. dance class
67. donuts with sprinkles
68. college-ruled notebook paper
69. crushed ice
70. photobooths (duh)
71. cherry anything
72. snow globes
73. old school adidas
74. polka dots
75. open fields
76. postcards
77. attic bedrooms
78. street drummers
79. turquoise rings
80. slumber parties
81. chinese yo-yos
82. daisies
83. flashlights
84. paint chips
85. clover honey
86. silly straws
87. bare feet
88. birthday candles
89. tire swings
90. sugar scrubs
91. india ink
92. ocean waves
93. bubble wands
94. cornbread
95. moonlight
96. super heroes
97. pink flamingos
98. aluminum foil
99. roller coasters
100. fortune cookies


  1. Fabulous idea, fabulous things. I'm completely with you on attic bedrooms, crazy quilts, and avocados.

  2. Ohmy.
    You have no idea how much this list appeals to me... it makes me want to dance in odd formations.
    It's... joy in text.

  3. I just re-read it.
    Hulaseventy, you are a goddess.

  4. Fun! My boyfriend loves Mexican Coca-Cola too--real sugar, not corn syrup!

  5. This is great. May I borrow the idea sometime? I'll wait long enough to forget your list so I don't sound like a copycat!

  6. You made me smile and dream and laugh and hope,

  7. Hi, what an amazing list! I'm going to copy this idea unless you tell me not to (I really hope thats ok) then...I might even do a series of flickr mosaics too. What an inspiring post!
    Thank you!

  8. What a wonderful list. So many amazing things, kind of makes my head spin.

  9. nathan goes to great lengths to find mexican coke. :)

    you are seriously one of my favorite people ever in life. i love this list.

  10. What a wonderful idea!!! Made my heart light up! :)


  11. this list made my morning. i should go write my own. xo, celia

  12. and 102. that AMAZING photograph. so talented, you are.

  13. Wow, did climb inside my head? I was nodding agreement with virtually everything you said - except for the cherries. I only like real cherries. Fabulous! Keep the entries coming! I missed your posts while you were away! :)

  14. This is a fabulous list! I don't think anyone could read or write such a list without becoming thoroughly happy by the end. =)

    Love the old gymnasiums one. That is awesome.

  15. I loved it so much I did steal it! And modified it a little bit...
    Seriously though, I couldn't believe how it resonated with me. And I've only known you 1 day!
    : )

  16. oh, sweet friend.
    i actually teared up reading this - it is the most fantastic thing ever and i miss miss miss you even more from reading it. need i say how many of your things are my loves too? i think you might already know :)

  17. oooh this is great. can i be tagged? this would make a great meme.

  18. after reading this lovely list, i was compelled to do a 1/5 version. we share 'daisies'. :)

  19. I love this list. Really. Love.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. I just kept saying yes, yes, yes, after each one. Wonderful list ... I am inspired. And great photo!

  21. i love that fake mustaches were number one :)

  22. this makes me want to write down all the little things I love... never thought there would be so many, but i'm so happy there are...

  23. So cool! I haven't visited your blog in awhile and was surprised to see this. I did the very same thing today!

  24. Your list is going on my list of things I love! This was so much fun to read. I felt happy shivers go up my spine with each new love I read.

  25. Thanks for this, such a great idea. I have participated in 10 things group on flickr for the past year and this is a wonderful expansion on the idea of what we are greatful for. I had my list almost done before I allowed myself to read yours, we have some overlaps.

  26. ooooh, i love this post, so inspirational! i'm impressed you could think of 100 things. thanks for sharing!

  27. thank ye kindly, blog friends. can't tell you how much fun it was to do it. sort of challenging, sort of not. and please, do feel free to do this! and kudos if you already have! spread the love. it's the only way.


  28. I posted mine for Love Thursday yesterday if you want to take a look. Thanks for the idea and for the love....

  29. yes - awesome. i just made my own.

  30. Wonderful, as always. I crown you Queen of All Listmakers.

  31. Love it. Of course now I must make one of my own.

  32. Hi, I just found your site! What a great list! Loved the idea! One Thanksgiving, I did a list of 100 things for which I am thankful.

    I loved shelbyisms's comment about your list making her want to dance in odd formations....marvellous!

  33. Have you ever had the feeling of reading someone's blog and you feel like you just met someone who you understand. Well, this list made me feel that way! Thanks!

  34. We had a great time copying you - here and here.

  35. Love it. Just did it myself too. So much fun!

  36. Hello Hula seventy....I was making a list of things I love to write on a piece of furniture.....I needed a few extra ideas and googled "lists of things I love." ....and I found your amazing list!!! I did steal a few ideas! Thank you!!! Your list is so fun!