25 August 2009

then georgia

from florida, we drove to atlanta. one thing I know for sure-- one week in our hometown was not enough.

19 August 2009

first there was florida




I did a lot of floating in that place they call florida. this is because I love secret time spent underwater.

also, I will admit to resisting the magic but the castle, it sort of did me in. and then there was this moment. which made all the rest of it worthwhile. all the rest of it= oppressive heat and humidity, throngs of mostly (sometimes marginally) happy people.

one look at this sweet, wonky braid and I'm reminded that there really aren't enough vacation days in the world to make up for lost time. it's official: I miss my family.

(sweet wonky braid model= my niece, whom I affectionately refer to as z-girl).

12 August 2009

V is for Vacation

three weeks, three states and something like a thousand more in between. we have been on the kind of vacation that will be talked about for years. epic, almost. am currently swimming in dirty laundry and cheerful souvenirs. also, photographs. a preposterous amount of photographs. I am painfully slow to process experiences like this which is why I (sometimes) talk in pictures and lists. am predicting an overabundance of both, an unstoppable freestyle of sorts with no real beginnings or ends.

but first, laundry.