30 April 2010

list thirteen: things I do not like

52 weeks of lists and you had to know this one was coming:

1. cilantro. I'm sorry, cilantro. I want to like you, I really do. but you are not on the good side of my gag reflex.

2. fluorescent lighting. or most overhead lighting, really. because turn on an overhead light and pretty much everyone looks dead. but switch on a couple of lamps and everyone looks pretty. or at the very least, alive. also, lamps totally bring the cozy. I am a big fan of things that bring the cozy.

3. too much cologne. there are people out there drowning in cologne and I don't understand it. also, stores like abercrombie and fitch are pumping desperate amounts of cologne into the air. and it's so wrong I can't even talk about it.

4. wet socks. the moisture makes me loco.

5. magazines like maxim. because it's hard enough out there already.

6. packed movie theatres. because a packed movie theatre means I will inevitably have to sit next to a stranger. which means I will have to share the armrest and hold my purse in my lap. it also means I will not be able to put my feet up on the seat in front of me. and I really need to put my feet up. I just do.

7. black jellybeans. not a fan of the black jellybeans.

8. laundry. nothing sucks the air out of my day like the endlessness of laundry.

9. public automatic water faucets. I am so on board with the whole water conservation thing but would very much like it if I didn't have to perform an elaborate hand jive every time I need a little water to wash my hands. I'm serious. it's out of control.

10. long fingernails. I don't know what happened but I cannot take long fingernails. not even a little bit.

11. big budget action films. nothing puts me to sleep like a big budget action film. I will never need sleeping pills so long as big budget action films exist. thank you hollywood.

12. bras with hidden agendas. because pretty much every bra I own (or have ever owned, for that matter) seems to do something completely different than what was promised. everyday is a showdown, everyday is a battle. and the bras, they are winning the battle. the bras, they are beginning to break my spirit.

(thirteen down, thirty-nine to go)

28 April 2010

silver shade indeed

first shot with the new PX100 and people, I like this film. I really really like this film.

22 April 2010

21 April 2010

talk about luck

am currently smack dab in the middle of katherine center's new novel, get lucky. katherine, who writes books that beg for long, uninterrupted chunks of time in which nothing else matters but the turning of the page. katherine, who puts words and images together in a way that really means something. katherine, who I am lucky enough to call my friend.

what I'm trying to say is that I can't put her book down. and I really love when that happens.

(the above video= words from get lucky plus my photographs. so totally honored. more about it here.)

14 April 2010

list eleven: things I am loving


1. paper balloons

2. colorful could-be cameras

3. harpy's float set

4. love letter murals

5. my new (non-black) wallet

6. re-imagined book covers

7. a list to take seriously

8. a pound cake that involves nutella

9. a collaboration that involves an 8 year-old and the art world

10. a new film about an artist I love

11. the building and imagining of so many bikes

12. the last of the orange jellybeans

13. the spring issue of UPPERCASE

14. a glee flashmob (and the hundreds of arms and hands at 1:30 in)

15. the having of helvetica stencils

16. the stories and colors in ruth's paintings

17. the world's first street art disaster film

18. decals that are swoon-worthy

19. dancers who run backwards

20. the two unopened boxes of PX100 film sitting on my desk

21. the lilacs popping near the front porch

22. marionberry-flavored anything

(eleven down, forty-one to go)

13 April 2010

number 29

number 29 off the list and why don't I rearrange the furniture more often? a push of the side tables here, a slide of the bed there and voila. brand new bedroom. if the room could could talk, I think it would thank me.

09 April 2010

list ten: books I could read over and over

these are the ones I find myself picking up again and again. something like comfort food but better, so much better.

1. slaves of new york by tama janowitz

2. to kill a mockingbird by harper lee

3. the principles of uncertainty by maira kalman

4. me talk pretty one day by david sedaris

5. writing down the bones by natalie goldberg

6. song of solomon by toni morrison

7. a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith

8. let the great world spin by colum mcCann

(ten down, forty-two to go)

06 April 2010

well, you are

what happened in cincinnati (besides a little collaborating with my brother on a music video shoot for the band seabird) is that I had more fun with stencils, stickers, paint chips and spray paint than is perhaps humanly possible. the street artist inside me had a little coming out party, she surely did.

01 April 2010

list nine: posts that mean something to me

well, they all mean something to me. but some mean a little more than others. five years worth of writing and it was not easy to choose, not easy at all but here are a few. okay, more than a few.

1. electric brains

2. yes I said yes

3. but it's SPIDERMAN

4. perspective

5. poor five

6. dear italy

7. you can go too

8. hello, I'm a mover

9. I love room service

10. better than everything in the sky

11. 82nd avenue

12. flight 749

13. self portrait #33

14. guilty as charged

15. friday afternoon

16. into marvelous light

(nine down, forty-three to go)