30 March 2010


five years ago today, I started this blog. after months of mercilessly teasing my husband about his, I finally broke down and started my own. and I didn't really know what I was doing or why I was even doing it, I just knew I wanted to do it. I wanted my own space, someplace where I didn't owe anyone anything, where I could write about whatever I wanted, share whatever I wanted and shamelessly post work.

in those first days, you could mostly find me holding a little baby ezra in one arm while typing with the other. thus, the lack of capitalization here. my affinity for lowercase letters has nothing to do with cuteness and everything to do with necessity. simply put, it's a habit born out of necessity. I found it nearly impossible to capitalize letters while typing with one hand and holding a baby in the other. and who was even reading my blog anyway? but five years later and baby ezra is no longer attached to my hip. I continue to run with the lowercase here because I am a girl who likes visual consistency. and, as I said before, this is a place where I call the shots. I pretty much love that, much as I pretend that I don't.

five years later and I'd like to think I still operate from that same place of independence. I write about what I want, when I want. welcome to the land of the ebb and the flow. quite frankly, I wish there was less ebb and more flow but I refuse to bow to convention. the day it becomes a chore here is the day I end it. and I can't help but wonder, is that day coming? exactly how long does this sort of thing go on? I don't know. but I'm all about seeing it through to the end, whenever that may be.

also, I'm amazed that I have any readers at all. mostly because of that pesky ebb and flow thing but also because I occasionally tend towards the cryptic and am often a little all over the place. in case I have not said it, thank you for reading. or in many cases, looking. I realize I am less with the words these days and more with the images, thanks to a little thing called change. at any rate, thank you. for all kind words and support, I thank you.

but the best part about today? I totally used it as an excuse to buy five cupcakes. to photograph and share here, of course. because that's the thing about blogging. it tends to lead to all kinds of goodness. five years worth, to be exact.

26 March 2010

oh hi

where to start, where to begin? work my way backwards? or start with the beginning and work forward? it's possible I am overthinking it. over the last three weeks, there's been a shoot in cincinnati, a few visiting germans and an unexpected trip home. and probably a few other things. also? along the way, I missed three lists. THREE LISTS. so, you know. things are all off kilter here.

but it's friday, people. I don't know about you, but we're still on spring break. and, as it turns out, instant film is not dead. so, until further notice, we'll be jumping on hotel beds to celebrate. we'll be jumping until it's time to come home.

15 March 2010


things are crazy. when this happens, I sort of shut down. this is unfortunate. because I think I'd feel a little better if I could write my way through the craziness.

07 March 2010

list eight: guiltiest pleasures

I'm writing from the road, friends. internet access is spotty and there's work to be done but I am here and I have a list. guiltiest pleasures:

1. cheap make-up

2. bad television

3. fountain cokes, heavy on the crushed ice

4. cherry-flavored blow pops

5. ridiculous gossip magazines

6. donuts with sprinkles

coincidentally, when I'm on the road, all self-imposed limitations regarding guilty pleasures fly straight out the proverbial window. I am on my 17th cherry blow pop, folks. I have been to the drug store and I have the cheap green eyeshadow to prove it. from the cocoon of my dark hotel room, I will watch many, many hours of bad late night television. also? a donut with sprinkles is surely in my near future.

hello from guilty pleasure central. things should be back to normal in about a week or two. I think.

(eight down, forty-four to go)

01 March 2010

in like a lion

first of march and the two trees in front of my house practically exploded with pink blooms today. hello, march? I am so ready for you.

on an unrelated note, I am loving all your words. LOVING.