22 April 2010

list twelve: things I like to photograph

1. hair, glorious hair

2. the ocean and all that it implies

3. things that are sugary and pretty and probably not good for you

4. stripes and patterns

5. color and more color

6. movers and shakers

7. things that float and hang

8. things that sparkle and spin

9. multiples, multiples, multiples

10. art found on the street

11. things that scream summer

12. flowers that are real

13. flowers that aren't

14. cities I do not live in

15. cities I do live in

16. things that are old

17. hands that tell stories

18. feet that mostly belong to me

19. skies that go on forever

20. bridges and buildings

21. letters and signs

22. people and more people

23. things with wheels

24. machines that play music

25. boxes that record images

26. people that I love

27. pretty much anything during the magic hour

28. pretty much anything.

29. pretty much everything.

(twelve down, forty to go)


  1. lovely list, i just had a read about the "magic hour" on wikipedia :)

  2. that "shakers" photo is awesome! You really are very talented..I love all your photos.

    (Moon Face)

  3. i just clicked myself giddy.
    andrea, you are a talent.

  4. Oh how fabulous! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at all your photos. Hurray!

  5. (list one)

    lovely souls who inspire me and whose photos make my eyes dance

    1. hula

  6. Oh, I just love this! It's a gray day here in Michigan and your lovely photos made it a little brighter for me. Thank you!

  7. Such an inspiring list. Love all the photos.

  8. Speaking of Photographs... I am doing your color week this week! :) Mighty excited!

  9. i am not sure how much more i can swoon over your amazing lists and photographs. i'm such fan. thanks for the inspiration.

  10. hello andrea! che bello! it makes me happy, what you do.

  11. "skies that go on forever", "things with wheels"...i love this list!

    xo Alison

  12. #13 is hanging on my wall, finally go it framed and it makes me SOOOOO happy! great list, beautiful photos, sheer talent. thanks for being YOU!