30 November 2008

last day of november

nablopomo, I did the best I could. I tried, really I did. true, I lost a little steam there at the end, but hey. there were milestone birthdays and thanksgiving extravaganzas and sick children in the mix. I did the best I could. and I'm back in the swing of writing and posting photographs (almost) daily and I think that should count for something. um, I'm pretty sure that's the point.

goodbye nablopomo, goodbye november.

hello december. I am ready for you.


  1. it was a good november. I enjoyed seeing your very hearty effort at nablopomo.

    hey, your word verification is "wardi".

  2. I took the nablopomo challenge too, and I'll tell you what. It wore me out (in a good way). I'm glad you're all feeling better. Here's to December...

  3. hey baby - you are the best no matter :) here's to your upcoming bday, love, wish we could spend it together. soon soon soon!

  4. I did the challenge too and I posted everyday but when I changed my blog from blogger to wordpress I forgot to change the time and it looks like I missed a day. Grrrrr!

    It has been fun following your blog this month.

  5. congrats on all the posting. And I'm so happy to have found your blog.

  6. I love your photographs and posts. I get so excited when I see you in my feedreader!

    Happy December.

  7. It was a great November. I think it helped me get in the swing of things.

    Looking forward to more pics.

  8. beautiful goodbye November photo. i really enjoy your blog.
    i didn't take the challenge, officially, but i have posted almost everyday since August 18 - missing only 3 days until this past week - i missed a whole week because of a vacation - now i feel like it's going to be hard getting back in the swing.