20 November 2008

highly recommended

thursday's suggestion: draw with your eyes closed. bonus if you're waiting for pizza to arrive and all you have is a paper napkin. ava swears by it.

p.s. the above experiment can be conducted both literally and figuratively.


  1. she does better with hey eyes closed than I do with mine open!

  2. our favorite diner [super shout-out to Ole's Pancake and Waffle Shop in Alameda Calif.!!!! home of the fluffiest flapjacks and GIANTS SLABS OF HAM] has paper placemats and baskets of crayons, we take turns picking a theme for our drawing contest. the christmas ones always turn out the best for some reason and our drawing skills seem to peak if we sit at the counter. we always finish exactly as our food arrives.

  3. Paper napkins are good for a bit of art and scribbling. I have several tucked away in a drawer from various get-togethers, decorated by me and family or friends.

  4. This post is charming! And her skills are quite impressive!

  5. Cool idea! I've also tried drawing with my feet, which is fun. The image turns out shaky but the same as if done with my hands. I haven't done it on a paper napkin yet though...

  6. your girl is just too much.
    super talent here, sister!!!

    your family is just so awesome.

    fer reelz.


  7. Neat idea.
    Those are pretty good!

  8. I love to draw with my eyes closed. I often spend some time each morning doing that. Somehow it loosens me up for the day and makes me realize that it's not always as everything seems and to look beyond the surface.

  9. Try drawing your significant other with out looking at the paper while he/she is sitting across from you. You should also try to keep pen to paper.

    The results are hilarious. We laugh and laugh.