15 November 2008

photobooth friday

checkit, in the booth with the one, the only, jek a go-go. she of scrumdillydilly fame. she's the master, she is. and the only person I know who is as kookoo in the head over photobooths as I am. plus, she is the creator and organizer of the brilliant colorriffic swap-o-rama. entire swaps centered around one color or color combination. which is pretty much the best idea ever. she had me sending green goodies to portugal and blue pretties to israel. who does that? jek a go-go, that's who.

besides the mad photobooth skills, she is marvelously rad in real life. just as I suspected. am officially adding her to my small but growing list of 'people who must move to portland'. jek, I like you. I like you a lot.

(in case you missed it, jek's photobooth greatness can be seen here and as always, this group exists to make fridays even better than they already are)


  1. i heart her so much, too, sister.
    when i saw the photo, i took a double-take. i thought i had clicked on "hula seventy" and not jek's blog.
    so funny.

    you are both so rad.
    i don't know if portland is ready for all of that goodness. it may burst at the seams.

  2. i only know her through her photos on flickr but it's easy to figure out she's pretty frickin' awesome.

    great polaroid. she looks fabulous in it.

  3. Just discovered you and I think you're terrific! I linked to you from my blog, fyi...

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. last week we were sitting next to her in kenny & zuke's! and then right behind her at the ace photobooth after lunch. how funny. i wanted to photograph her and her rad glasses that remind me of my friend suzi, but i refrained. now i wish i had!!!!!

  5. I sure hope you have checked out "Amelie". The movie revolves around photobooths.