08 November 2008

photobooth friday

also, there's a photobooth at the ace hotel. did you know? yes, I thought you did. I had my one dollar bills ready. I am not one to mess around when it comes to these sorts of things. I do not leave change-making to the concierge. 24 hour access to the photobooth and that's no joke, people. no joke.

so the plan was to sneak down to the lobby with ward around three in the morning (in our pajamas) and get in the booth. guess what? I like to sleep. apparently, my love for sleep trumps a midnight run to the booth. this concerns me. I woke up (strangely well-rested) around six and headed straight for the lobby, puffy eyes and all. dang it if there weren't already a slew of moody hipsters milling around, mugs of stumptown coffee in hand. all of them hogging the new york times. too bad I don't drink coffee. I could have used some coffee. but I got my strip and an entire morning of sleep lay before me like the land of milk and honey.

hey, what happened to me and photobooth fridays? I don't know. but I'm back. I'm back, baby.


  1. That's just super cute.
    Is there some way to find awesome photobooths like you have out there? I swear, the ones I see are just crappy photoshoppy effects with bad slogans all over the image.

  2. Wow! We still have those? Do you have a list somewhere of where the photobooths are in Portland? I have lost track of them since Woolworth's. I didn't know any still existed and it would be really fun to know.

  3. You are so cute!
    I also love how the strip of you and Ward is so great. Ezra really looks a lot like Ward! I can really see it from this pic.

  4. oh, the ace. the rooms, the booth, the stumptown, and that yummy resturaunt next door- how i love thee and miss thee....

  5. This is lovely. Fantastic, marvellous. When i meet such talented person in such an awful day I just simply hope. best regards from very rainy island.