22 July 2010

list twenty-two: things learned over the weekend

I spent time at the coast with some of my people this past weekend. I came away feeling totally and completely loved but also, I learned a few things. for example:

1. aqua net works serious wonders.

2. beet salads are the most beautiful salads in the world.

3. I can totally rock sandals with straps across the ankles. and this is really big news. because according to the fashion world, sandals with straps across the ankles break the natural line of the leg, therefore causing those of us who are shorter to look as if our legs have been reduced to unsightly stumps. therefore, not recommended. for years, I really believed this. apparently, the fashion world is wrong about a lot of stuff.

4. a big bowl full of tootsie pops is still a total crowd pleaser.

5. two pregnant bellies are infinitely better than one.

6. bright teal nail polish is so right now.

7. I might need to break down and read twilight.

8. attaching googly eyes to random household items like toilet paper rolls, hair spray cans and chocolate donuts makes for happy people.

9. painting with your hands is the best part.

10. the occasional splurge can always be justified in that it totally invites abundance. totally.

11. myriam's almond cake is magic.

12. blowing through two packs of polaroid film in three days is never a mistake.

13. think big. and when you're done thinking big, THINK BIGGER.

14. sometimes you find religion at the hot dog stand.

15. when in doubt, lionel richie.

(twenty-two down, thirty to go)


  1. sounds like a really, really great weekend.

  2. you inspired me to buy googly eyes. im going to de-stress my roommate with them :) she's had a rough few days - this might cheer her up.

  3. #13 is pretty amazing

  4. yes. sounds like pure magic andrea!

  5. plans for googly eyes here, too!
    (and i broke down. read twilight. i still haven't decided.)

  6. The comment about googly-eyes makes me laugh, because I just moved into a new apartment and my fiance and I have been finding random pairs of googly eyes stuck in various places. One is in the back of a closet, another on the inside of a cupboard door... I keep wondering where the next one will turn up,

  7. i really adore your blog. i come here from time to time, to fill up my batteries... it's in the way how you write.

  8. I broke down and read Twilight but never went to the next one. Just couldn't do it. This hype has ruined any good that may have been in it. Don't get me wrong, it didn't take me long to finish the first one, it does draw you in a bit but the characters upset me as do Twi-hards. To each their own though.

  9. de-lurking to say:
    um...you havent read Twilight? you must. its totally sugary goop reading, but the kind of sugary goop you can roll around in until you lose yourself.
    get thee to the bookstore!

    now to go buy googly eyes....

  10. If I listened to fashion rules, I'd never wear anything but dark colors and v-necks. And wrap dresses. I say, wear what makes you happy and you will look good, whether it is ankle strap sandals or whatever. I'm sure you looked awesome in those sandals.

  11. Way cool post... sounds like a fab weekend and some very important lessons!

  12. Hey Andrea,
    sounds so fun.
    what a great list. awesome about the sandals!! can't wait to see some of those Polaroids!!
    i have been scanning photos in and i found lots of polaroids i had forgotten from the 70s.
    I am going to make a post and let you know. you have me so inspired!

  13. i especially like #10 and #13.

  14. i adore that photo.

    and number six.


  15. lionel richie?...really?...and all these years i thought it was when in doubt, madonna...

  16. I just started blogging because of you. You are so inspiring and I wish that one day, I will have as many people following me as you do <3

  17. that photo i absolutely love.
    (and your list... i am all about the ankle strap!)

  18. I so love this list. Your weekend reminds me of ones I have had in the past with friends...just fills up the heart and definitely "puts a shimmy in my spirit"!

  19. Oh, the googly eyes bit made me crack a smile simply imagining it! Lovely to know your eyes are open to see all the little lessons that can be combed from the every day. ♥


  20. I really enjoy your lists.

    It sounds like a great time - and here's to googly eyes and Aqua Net!

  21. religion at the hot dog stand--I so get that. Also, I broke back in december and read Twilight...then I promptly gave all the books away because it was like bingeing on 4 candy bars and then being ashamed and needing to hide the wrappers...but it was fine while it lasted.

  22. Everyone you meet, they're dancing in the street! All night LONG!

  23. Whoa. Your weekend totally kicked my weekend's ass.

  24. i enjoy your lists. :) thank you for sharing your talents.

  25. I'm curious, how does aqua net work serious wonders? Do you mean literally, as a hairspray? Or is there some more esoteric application?

  26. I so enjoy reading all of your lists. Thanks!

  27. My friend rocked the teal nail varnish at her wedding last Sunday. She had a peacock feather theme in the clothes and flowers and the unusual colour on her nails was such a surprise, but so good.