07 October 2008

number 37

two months and four days before the year turns over for me, just two short months to work on the list. there are about 22 unfinished items on said list so what have I been doing all year? I don't know. but I have a lot left to do. yesterday I worked on number 37, which should have been a cakewalk except I forgot how awkward I can be with the typewriter. within an hour, I was swimming in a sea of white paper, a mess of partially typed-up lists. picture me hunched over that beautiful little hermes rocket, hunting and pecking to beat the band. but the sounds of an old typewriter are like no other and the jagged rhythm of the clack clack clack sings out the kind of song that makes a house come alive. after an hour or so, I had my list and promptly tacked it up over my old blue desk in the living room. at least there's that. number 37: done. and perhaps the most important item of all, the one I should have done first.

so I think it may have to be about the list this week. items I've actually crossed off the list and such. there are at least six or seven of those. but what should I do next? what? what?


  1. #26, please! and pictures too..i mean of the donut. i want one REAL bad right now. hey...am i missing a copy of the list with what's been crossed off??

    when's THE day again? i think you're nudged right up against mine! :)

  2. Great list and pola. I'm not sure how your going to go sledding in October except maybe if you have a two story you can do the stairs in a sleeping bag (snow wasn't mentioned!) At least that is what my kids do.
    Have fun crossing things off!

    P.S I saw an old typewriter just last week at Value Village and now after reading this post I'm kicking myself for not picking it up!

  3. I was just thinking about how the birthday is creeping up... do I want to do a list this year? or is it just too much with all the newness that is having a baby in the house? perhaps that is in and of itself a list of sorts :)

    maybe you should put all the things left on the list on slips of paper, throw them in a jar and pull one out a week and try and cross it off. That way it is left up to the universe what you and don't do this year?

  4. #22 or #36 because just reading them made me smile and both spread a little joy. what could be better?

  5. I'd say #17 and #24 are the perfect time of year to do. #28 would be a good idea to make you feel good - and us, too :).

  6. good luck with that list. with crossing off things. i made my own list last month. and have just started crossing it off. two more months for you. whoohoo.

  7. I'm a fellow list enthusiast like you, and I have mixed emotions about lists. They can be incredibly helpful, make you feel organized, and give you goals, but then you can also feel locked into the list, and feel pressure from it looming over you, undone, unfinished...

    Whatever you choose to do next, do it for the joy of doing it, and then for the joy of marking it off your list.

    But like I said, I get the list thing, so I understand the desire to get through these! Good luck :)

  8. voodoo is a breakfast option ;o)
    also, perhaps a stop over at the nursery for some bulbs, baby!!!!!

  9. I too am a list person.I think they help things to become reality.

  10. #32 is on my list of to-dos also which has nothing to do with my birthday but still right on the side of my fridge.

    #11 -- can this be a children's author? Or did you have Andrea vs. Mommy in mind? ;)

    #19 -- I did this recipe last night and got raves, I left the garlic cloves in the pan though while I reduced the wine. I used Barefoot Chardonnay from Trader Joe's, $4.99 a bottle.

  11. i love this post, it makes me want to drink cold lemonade and lay in the grass. thanks!

  12. wait just a SECond! how oh HOW did i miss #20??? scratch the cereal covered doughnut...and get all OVER making (and selling) postcards from your pics! etsy AWAITS!!!! (insert loads of hopeful glee *here*)

  13. Earlier in this year you inspired me to do 29 things before I turn 30 and I just want to say THANK YOU. Not only has it been a wonderful experience for myself, but I have things on my list that have involved family and friends and they have loved it. It's a great way to get motivated and actually DO something, rather than say, "I'd like to do that someday." Thanks again, and good luck with your list!

  14. still voting for the yurt.

    I don't even know what a yurt is (is it a tent?), but I'm certain it will make a good post.

    p.s. andrea, your lovely list has inspired a million like-souls to set out some dreams and have some accountability in a beautiful fun way. I hope you are not dismayed that others do as you do. it is pure honor to the little magic genious that you are. it provides a documented history of a year well lived.

    I may do one myself come december...but 44 things is a way lot of things.

  15. Okay I read your list. It is a good list. I hope you complete it. Incidentally, I just read another blog about a girl that stayed in a yurt. I am a little jealous of her.

  16. Oh! This is so inspiring. I am about to turn 37 this next week, and a list is exactly what I need to do! Will post it soon...

    Good luck with the last 22 items!

  17. you and your list are very inspiring! thank you for sharing!

    this was my first visit to your blog, but i doubt it should be my last :)

  18. i think you can do it. For sure. GEt going! YOu can do it!

    By the way, i think every single item on your list is an adventure in itself and is absolutely fabulous.