30 April 2009

from arkansas with love

listener is coming to a town near you. and he is awesome.

personally, I like someone who can take the stage barefoot, talk about things like people who swallow handfuls of night and somehow (seamlessly) work in a little trumpet playing. all while paving the way for talk music. my kind of musician.



  1. you are so mysterious these days with all these little projects and awesome photos.

    hope all is well up north!

  2. ps did I tell you that there is a REAL DEAL photobooth here in RNO?
    I am shaking with excitement to go and use it and share.

  3. arkansas is all about the good stuff

  4. sounds like a cools show...not sure he'll make it to the mountains of utah...

  5. hello. you have inspired me in many ways and one of them was photobooth friday! well the mister and i have been going to the photobooth every friday for the past year- and on this past friday, he proposed to me in the photobooth!!!! he knelt down inside of it and everything! it was the best way that he could possibly ever ask me to marry him! i thought you would enjoy that story. you can see the photos on blog!