14 April 2009

I've been:

wallowing in the aftermath
contemplating red, aqua, pink
eating lemon curd straight out of the jar with a tiny baby spoon
learning about legos
struggling to keep up
loving daffodils in vases
spotting birdie nests with ezra
scrambling to meet deadlines
singing out loud
turning the house upside down
organizing art supplies
reading and watching
painting walls white
hand-mending an old quilt top with an unimaginable number of holes
wishing for magic dresses
dreaming of balconies and fire escapes
making paper collages with ava
photographing strangers again
anticipating pink heady blooms
developing roll after roll of film
feeling horribly inadequate
waiting for something good
swiping orange jelly beans from easter baskets that are not mine
crushing flower petal confetti underfoot
drowning in laundry
praying for sun


  1. we just discovered lemon curd last night. i kept eyeing it on the shelf everytime i made a trip to trader joe's, and finally just bought a damn jar. bad news! ;)

    sorry you're feeling inadequate. if it helps, looking at your photos and reading your blog always inspire me to LIIIIVE! xo

  2. your lists are the best. I wish there were a whole book of them — thank goodness for blog archives. I'm always drowning in laundry. Always. Why is that — I don't even have kids?! And now I'm super excited for that something good.

  3. A beautiful, colorful kind of busy!!! A big YES to strangers. More photos, please. :)

    Also, the inadequate thing? I believe that it's part and parcel for anyone who walks the sensitive and/or artistic path in life. It's what makes us push for better, better, best. Your work is a shining example of this. Keep Inadequate on a short leash. Give him an inch and he wants a mile!

  4. i adore your photos of strangers, and lemon curd and pinks, reds, aquas. wonderful words.

  5. lemon curd = heaven in a jar.
    same with orange jellybeans.

    dude, i just bought the most amazing mexican dress - i feel like a magic princess when i look at it, not able to put it on just yet.

  6. i LOVE me some 'freaks and geeks' and often watch marathons of it!(thanks you netflix!) i need to do more lists...

  7. Oh, I love Freaks and Geeks! I wish it didn't have to end so early on.

  8. I too am waiting for something good while stealing away jelly beans...

  9. I think that the blog world unanimously believes in you big time. You're certainly BETTER than good enough, although feeling inadequate at times is normal and healthy.

  10. jeez, lady! i love miranda july's
    site. freaks and geeks is one of my all time favorite shows. and, i have watched that trailer more than once in the past week. but, pink jelly beans are my favorite.

  11. I reckon, as long as you keep singing out loud, (and making those impressively long lists to keep a check on where you are at), life will be sweet. Course an occasional spoonful of lemon curd will help with that too.

  12. i love your lists. i feel like i can always relate. you're awesome.

    p.s. yum, film photos<3

  13. if you haven't tried, lemon curd is quite easy to make [believe me, i am FAR from proficient at anything in the kitchen, and if i can do it...]. here's the recipe i use

  14. interesting list! i love that you added the bit about the baby spoons. not quite the same without it, huh?

    GREAT photos by the way. wish i were brave enough to do it myself..

  15. ha. Away We Go. yes. YEs. YESSSSS.

    and uh, could it be? something from you that i simply can't get behind. no ma'am, no way.

    jellybeans. ick.

    i just threw up a little in my mouth.

  16. welcome back. your pictures are lovely and your list today makes me happy. and that's the best.

  17. Freaks and Geeks! I just got the DVD, and have been trying to pace myself, but really I just want to watch them all in one go.

  18. oh thanks for sharing that movie. now I'm waiting too :)

  19. oh yeah - freaks and geeks!!! love it.

  20. Hi
    I really enjoy your writing and love the guitar photo from an earlier post. Wonderful blog to visit!

  21. That film looks amazing. I can't wait. Hope it comes to England soon. Isn't it funny when you just KNOW you are going to love something.


  22. i heart your lists.

    and that movie looks fantastic!

  23. i wanted to say hi and that i just found your really great blog through kelly rae's blog and that i just moved to portland. so thanks for the links about pdx and maybe one day, i will meet you in the streets. ;)

  24. Just wanted to say I've been eating lemon curd out of the jar with a baby spoon too (very early in the morning) - it really warmths the heart - a lot like reading your blog.

  25. always so real, honest, and wonderful, you are!

  26. yay! you're back! I checked every day!

  27. we just made lemon curd for the first time. I'm hooked and spoons are definitely called for.