16 October 2010

photobooth friday

so last december, I took a little trip to san francisco to see what I could see and visit the people I love. one of the things that happened while I was there is that leslie and I finally got our photobooth strip. after two years and several failed attempts, we finally got our photobooth strip. at a vintage shop on haight street (no less) and not before we tripped the power circuit two, maybe three times and shut down the power on our side of the store. I'd like to think it happened because we were just so stunning and electric that the photobooth freaked out and shut down. though I'm pretty sure it was because said photobooth was old and the wiring in the store was wack. but whatever, I'm going with option A. a little fantasy never hurt anyone.

anyway, I'm excited for next week-- for the show, the workshop, for san francisco. and I'm excited to see the people I love. the countdown is so on.