31 August 2010

list twenty-four: things inspiring me right now

1. rainbow favelas

2. plus other projects involving color and paint

3. like lipstick traces

4. and swings in unlikely places

5. plus dance sequences that represent

6. and b-boys who are not stopped by rain

7. the engaging of public space

8. the mercurial mixing of media

8. the sleeves of vintage 45s

9. the work of anna halprin

10. the seeing and the feeling

11. plus candy-colored bicycles

12. and birthday flashmobs

13. also, three cups sunshine

14. mati's keen eye

15. and the very definition of summer


  1. the birthday bus made my day!

  2. That birthday bus makes me cry!

  3. #2 made me want to skip. And the birthday mob?! Thanks for the list. It was perfect.

  4. oh i love these andrea! how come there aren't any swings up around portland yet, hmmm? maybe we should do something about that...

  5. Hi There, I only made it up to number 12 and I just need some time to reflect and soak those all in. The birthday bus made me cry also. And so much for singing in the rain... I love the dancing in the rain. Much love and light to you. Thank You

  6. So much inspiration here!! Thanks so much for sharing - especially #2. Wow, would I ever love to be a part of that - hope the project reaches the US someday soon.

  7. I love all of these! The birthday bus definitely made me cry (happy tears, of course). I love these lists!

  8. I'm going to commit some serious time to following every one of this scrumptious links!!

  9. An absolutely cool list! Those b-boys were poetry in motion and the birthday bus video was perfect.

  10. falling upon a list as inspiring as this makes it really difficult to follow through with my new decision to not spend as much time surfin around... anna halprin came to bern recently and i experienced her and was deeply moved by her and the film. such a light. the b-boys have reminded me of the essence of dance and the travelling through color makes me want to bring it here. thanks so much.

  11. You, my dear, are the Queen of All List Makers. Why, this one is a poem. A poem whose links made me cry, actually.

    Thank you.