23 July 2013

how bout some super happy

unofficial annual super happy 2-for-1 summer salefolks! well, because it's summer. and I think you all know how I feel about summer.

buy one print, get one free. buy two, get two. three, four, five and so on and so forth. to further sweeten the pot, new prints have been addedwith love, with so much love. here's how it works: order the print (or prints) you'd like and then, in that super handy 'message to the seller' box, tell me which print (or prints) you'd like as your freebies. special runs five days only-- today, july 23rd through saturday, july 28th. 

fyi, I have been known to slip a little extra summer somethin in with the super happy sale prints. just sayin.


  1. well that is super awesome.
    now I have to sit down and choose.

  2. I love these. Like RW said, now I have to go choose.